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Houses, like anything else, also come with an expiry date. Houses do go through wear and tear and it is important to spend time, money and effort to safeguard your house to keep it in good condition so that it looks as good as it was when you first bought or built it. Although it is disappointing that no matter how much of works are done to your house sometimes, they still do get damages and faults here and there, it is still crucial to keep up the work to protect your house.

There are some tips and tricks to work around this to help you manage the condition of your house at an affordable rate. There are also some points you can take note of that you can fix before they start to get really bad. Here are some pointers you can take note to fix in your house before the condition of your house becomes devalued!

Change your washing machine hoses

Washing machine drain hose leak

Millions and millions of damage is caused every year in many countries due to something as simple as, washing machine hose failures. Many companies advise their customers to check on their washing machine hoses regularly to make sure their condition is good. Connections have to be made sure to be sturdy and secure, and also, it has to be made sure that there are at least four inches of space between the back side of the washing machine and the water connection source. This ensures that the hose does not start bending and kinking, which will damage it. It is also worthwhile to take note that the washing machine cannot be kept running while no one is at home!

Hoses made from rubber, specifically reinforced rubber, and stainless-steel hoses are not fully sturdy as well. Even these hardy materials can break, and this includes those which are labelled to be burst-resistant as well. Common points where cracks, breaks and leaks can happen are at the connection point. So do make sure to inspect that as well. Take note of the age of your hoses, as once it is more than five years old, they can be replaced with hoses made up of braided stainless-steel.   

Make sure to clean the refrigerator’s coils before its function starts going down

The coils behind and under your fridge bring in lots of dust, hair and dirt. They look very unappealing and on top of that they can also restrict airflow and ventilation of your fridge which can make it overwork and over heat up. This can reduce the functional years of your fridge and reduces its effectiveness. When coils get sufficiently dirty and blocked, they can hinder the air exchange which is actually meant to clean your fridge and help it improve its energy usage and cooling capabilities. You can use a fridge coil brush which is available in supermarkets or home stores for a cheap price, to clean up the coils.

Newer fridges may be cleaned by removing the hook, or by having the coils taken out of their cases. It would be good to clean these coils twice every year. Unclean coils may not reduce the efficiency of your fridge too much but cleaning them can give your fridge good refreshment for its energy. Keeping in old items in your fridge for too long will also block the air flow so do remove them and rearrange your items once in a while too. Make sure to change the controls of your fridge and freezer to make sure the items are not more cooled than how you want them to be.

Stubborn sliding doors can get stuck soon, so free them today!

If you have always been having a problem opening and closing your patio door, then it is time to get that sorted. Dirt and dust is probably the culprit holding up the door’s track and causing the wheels to lock in. It is important to make sure you get this unclogged before you strain your muscles or put too much of force to open or close the door that it breaks the handle. You can solve this problem easily by removing the door from the track and clearing the dust. Simple as that!

How the doors can be removed from the tracks can vary from door to door but it usually needs you to loosen the screws at the rails, both top and bottom. Then you would need to pull out the cover that keeps the door panels from coming out, and then you would be able to pull out the door from the track. Doors tend to be heavy so keep another adult beside you for help while doing this. Unclog the dirt from the track and pop the door back in!



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