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If you are considering renovating your bathroom, you should settle for nothing short of transformational. Achieving this level of change requires a creative design and a unique application of materials. Today we are taking just one small area of any bathroom renovation, the shower, and considering five benefits of employing the latest in frameless shower enclosure design.

#1. Transform The ‘Size’ Of Your Bathroom

Creating a true transformation is only possible if you take the space you have and create a new layout that makes the room look larger and brighter than before. Frameless shower enclosures let you do exactly this. The absence of bulky frames means that any light entering your bathroom can shine through almost 95 percent of the glass with only small hinges and handles in the way. In most bathrooms, this gives the illusion of creating a bigger space.

#2. Reduce Your Lighting Requirements

On traditional framed showers the frames can take up 10 percent of the surface area. These will cast unwanted shadows where they block light, especially if there is a window behind or near the shower. Frameless showers can help minimize shadows and reduce the number of lights that your bathroom renovation calls for. This lets you reconsider where lights would be best positioned.

#3. Self-Cleaning Frosted Glass = No Shower Curtains

Modern shower glass has a factory-applied coating with hydrophobic properties, otherwise known as self-cleaning. This coating prevents water droplets from beading on the surface. On untreated glass, water would dry and form water spots or other stains. This puts you in a tough situation. If you don’t clean these stains off, they will reduce the amount of light that can shine through, while if you scrub the glass or use harsh chemicals you can create unsightly scratches. The upshot of this is that you can employ frosted glass in your renovation and do away with the need for shower curtains. This has a dramatic effect on the extent to which your renovation transforms your bathroom.

#4. Maximize Your Use Of Space

Going frameless can give small bathrooms a new lease of life. Imagine being able to use a sheet of frameless glass to transform your bathtub into a shower enclosure. This type of ‘splash-guard’ that keeps shower water inside the tub is a popular choice for smaller bathrooms where separate tubs and showers wouldn’t be feasible. While a framed guard would block light and cause an eyesore, a frameless panel blends seamlessly into the background and transforms the space you have to work with.

#5. Eco-Friendly

The biggest benefits of using a frameless shower enclosure in a bathroom renovation are the ways it helps the environment. As outlined above, you can expect to use fewer lights, run less electricity and forgo cleaning chemicals. Most interior design and custom renovation firms, especially those with experience of bathroom and home design in Calgary, are familiar with the eco-friendly nature of frameless enclosures. Just think about how much waste you are helping to keep out of landfill by never needing shower curtains again!



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