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When you decide to renovate or decorate your home renovation company, you are likely to be faced with a wide range of ideas about what you should do with every space. If you love home design magazines or visiting decorating websites, chances are that you have numerous “favorite” items that you would love for your home. If you are planning a renovation project, you need to narrow down your choices so that you can make realistic decisions. Decorating a home is not easy and apart from your own ideas, you also have to contend with ideas and opinions from well-meaning family members and friends.

Between those ideas and opinions from the so-called design experts, you can be excused for having sleepless nights when planning your home renovation. There are different “interior design trends” articles out there and if you read too many of them, you begin to get contradictory opinions. With so many rules and guidelines to follow, knowing what to believe and what to ignore can be difficult. It is important to understand the best way to make a rational decision.

Different manufacturers, different trends

It is important to realize that when it comes to products, there are as many “top trends” as there are manufacturers. When choosing products, you need to know that every manufacturer has new products and collections that are intended to infuse creativity in interior design and to spark trends. This means that you will have different options regardless of your taste. Remember that not every trend is suitable for every individual. While you should not completely ignore trends, you should remain true to your style when choosing products.

•    You need to match the colors in a room


You can safely ignore this one trend. The “matchy-matchy” look has not been a “thing” for years and you should not revive it! You do not have to worry about matching your carpet and drapes to the furniture, bed linen and other items in the room. You should not attempt to match everything in the room unless you are trying to break the record in bad taste. The modern look is all about using different colors and textures to create the perfectly unique space.

•    You should not mix new and old

This is another rule that you should break when it comes to interior design. The truth is that today, designers are using both new and old items to give depth to the space. In fact, you can include a vintage mirror or antique furniture item in your contemporary space as a point of focus. Experiment mixing and matching new and old items to add feeling to your room. If you see an item that you love, you should not be afraid to bring it home because it is from a different era from the rest of your décor.

•    Do not mix patterns in the same space

Just like mixing colors, mixing patterns is totally acceptable. The truth is that you can add some fun and flair to your space by using different patterns. This is one decorating idea that helps to create a unique space that feels warm and comfortable. As long as you do it well, mixing patterns can look very beautiful. It is, however, a good idea to stick to a similar color palette to create the perfectly unified look and to avoid ending up with a space that looks cluttered and untidy. You can definitely blend small and large patterns in the same room.

•    Wallpaper is old fashioned

Wallpaper lovers will be glad to know that this is a rule that they can ignore. Wallpaper is back and better than before and it is a trend that everyone should embrace. Wallpaper adds dimension, pattern, character, texture and color to a space. You can choose to wallpaper a single room if you are on a budget. Wallpaper will allow you to make a statement and the best part is that if you get tired of it, you can simply take it down. The fact that modern wallpaper is easy to install makes it a convenient option. If you choose the right design, you can enjoy the same wallpaper for years.

•    Avoid using dark paint in small spaces

While it is true that dark colors can make a small room feel smaller, if done correctly the dark hues can create the perfect moody vide. For a sophisticated look, use dark paint in your small room and remember that it all comes down to balance. With the wide range of available paint shades out there, you should not be restricted by rules that are limiting.

Before you embark on interior design in Calgary, research your options and remember that rules are made to be broken. You should not hesitate to reveal your personality in your home. Create a space that you are comfortable with and remember that trends change and what might be acceptable today might be considered out of fashion in a few months!



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