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  Over the last two decades, the kitchen has become the social hub of the home so it’s the best room to consider renovating. If you have been in your home for a while, you may have seen the potential to open up space and create a more inviting and versatile area where you can entertain guests. Here we will look at the five main ways you can do this and how to balance your vision with your budget.

#1. Can You Open Up Your Walls?

One of the best ways to increase space in your kitchen is to look into whether you could take down a wall. This will require a trip to the attic. From there you can check which walls are load bearing and which are internal walls that may be removed. You never know what is possible until you get walls opened up so it’s best to design your floor plan and room layout after you have found this out.

#2. What Will Your Budget Permit?

Even professional designers aren’t omnipotent. Wire detectors will check whether wires are running behind dry wall, for example, but won’t tell you exactly where the wires are or where plastic water pipes are running. The only way to find out is to remove the dry wall but this is a one-way ticket. You may not have to budget to pay an electrician and plumber to relocate wiring and pipes respectively. You may have to tailor your plan to come in under budget.

#3. Can You Enlarge Internal Windows Or Serving Hatches?

If your kitchen has these features, the best way to maximize space and open up the room is to look at widening or extending these. This is possible if they are built in non-load bearing walls and is much cheaper if the surround walls are hollow dry walls as opposed to brick.

#4. Can The Island Or Countertops Be Enlarged?

If the perimeter walls of your kitchen cannot be altered, or if you don’t have the budget for costly re-wiring and re-plumbing, you should look at ways of enlarging the useable space. Here are three ways to do just that. • Utilize Wall Space Many cabinet designs have the cabinets coming right down onto the countertop. Consider wall-mounted cabinets that don’t rest on or near to the countertop to give your kitchen more countertop space. • Deepen The Countertops Adding wide countertops with a slight overhang gives a noticeable increase in space without altering the look of the kitchen. • Enlarge The Island You don’t want to go too large as to make the kitchen design unworkable but you may want to consider increasing the island countertop space.

#5. Could A Skylight Be Added To Your Kitchen?

Depending on the design of your kitchen, adding a skylight might be a viable way of increasing the perception of space. Thermally broken aluminum skylights with low e or tinted glass have excellent thermal properties while reducing the amount of electric lighting that you need to install. A renovation specialist experienced with home design in Calgary can help you make best use of your available space.



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