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If you are planning on your next home improvement project in Calgary and cannot decide on what it should be, consider installing custom cabinets. Whether you are planning to sell your house and want to increase its value, or just want a better-looking kitchen for your family, this is one of the best remodeling decisions you can make. Stock cabinets make your kitchen look dated but if you install custom cabinets, you give your kitchen a major facelift and if you decide to sell may fetch you as much as 100 percent on your investment.

Besides, even if you are doing this for your own use, it is always nice to come home to a beautiful kitchen the lifts your spirits rather than kill your mood. Other than increase the aesthetic look of your kitchen, it has other benefits as well. Let us look at some five reasons you should install custom cabinets in your kitchen.

1.    You are not limited to standard dimensions

The cabinets preinstalled in the houses we buy or the ones sold by home improvement stores come built in standard dimensions. These may not suit your fancy or your needs at all. You can get a skilled contractor to create and install a cabinet system that fits you and your family’s specific needs and preferences.

For instance, the cabinets of a person who makes their meals from scratch and those of an individual who only makes quick foods are totally different and the standard dimensions of preinstalled cabinets will not suit either of their needs. Custom cabinets are the best for anyone as you get to choose everything about them from how they look to how the finish is done. You also get to choose the size and dimensions not to mention the type of wood or material used to make them. The design is also up to you to decide every detail.

2.    You will get design flexibility

Stock cabinet designers have no idea how your house looks like and make cabinets that they think should fit in most homes. Therefore installing stock cabinets can be as easy as putting together a puzzle with pieces not meant for each other or a key with the wrong lock. However, if you chose custom cabinets, you get exactly what you want with the exact measurements that will fit into your kitchen smoothly and without a hitch or leaving the kitchen looking more hideous than it was before you got them.

With custom cabinets you also get to choose what finish you want and therefore your kitchen will have a more custom look, and a more organized and polished appearance. Stock cabinets usually have poor finishing that rarely matches even within the cabinets you are offered to install in your houses. Anything produced in bulk for mass stocks will always some tiny but annoying difference in details. For example, since the stock cabinets are made in batches during assembly, it is obvious that the colors will have a level of variation in color, therefore making uniformity an impossibility when using them.

3.    Your cabinets will be relatively more durable

Machine made cabinets produced in the factory are usually considerably less durable compared to the ones made by a professional crafts man using his hand. When choosing custom cabinets, you also have a range of materials available to you to choose from as compared to the standard stock cabinets usually made using only one material, often a cheap one, to cut costs. One of the trends in today’s custom cabinets market is the use of re-purposed wood. This wood is very old and is usually taken from old structures built long time ago. This kind of wood can no longer be found in forests today. You are however not limited to this kind of wood. Your crafts man will make several other choices available to you.

4.    Increased functionality

When you get custom cabinets, you get to choose the accessories that come with it like wine racks, sliding doors, and spice cabinets. Something that is unheard of with stock cabinets. You can also adjust the heights of your cabinets to serve the heights of the people who spend most of their time in the kitchen. Today, you can even get cabinets with adjustable heights. That way every member of the family can reach cabinets with ease regardless of their heights.

5.    Custom cabinets add to the value of your home

Other than the fact that custom cabinets improve the general appeal of your kitchen to potential buyers, it also adds considerable value to your home. This is because people looking to buy houses look for houses that will not force them to do serious renovations after they buy it and custom counters gives them the image of a complete and sufficient kitchen that will not require financial attention in the near future.  



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