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Are you considering renovating your old, tired bathroom wondering what the  Bathroom Renovations Calgary costs are ? There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to create a stunning new bathroom renovations without blowing your budget if you know the  bathroom renovation cost. If you are interested in bathroom renovation for less, bathroom renovation cost here are five great ways to bathroom calgary  renovation cost.

#1. Do Your Own Labor

Anyone without special training can lower the cost of their bathroom renovation costs by stripping out fixtures and fittings themselves and removal of toilet and sink this will go a long way to reducing the average bathroom renovation. As long as you are comfortable with light demolition work and are careful not to disturb wiring and plumbing, this will lower your average bathroom renovation cost. The only cravat would be asbestos. Unless you have already had an inspection and know your home is free from this deadly toxin, you run the risk of disturbing asbestos when you start to break, cut or drill. If in doubt, hire a professional inspector to give you the all clear. read more for bathroom renovation pricing.

#2. Don’t Change Your Floor Plan

when doing bathroom renovations or any renovation project changing the floor plan of your bathroom will send your bill skywards, fast! You’ll incur the expense of hiring plumbers to remove old pipe work and install new ones if you change the location of your bath, sink and shower. Keeping the same layout helps you stick to a lower renovation project budget.

#3. Refinish Your Tub And Sink

The reasons that most home renovations run over budget is that people underestimate the cost of removal and replacement. A new bathtub will incur new framing, paneling and re-tiling besides the cost of the plumber’s fees. If you look at the latest techniques used by resurfacing firms, you may reconsider buying new. Firms can now use fillers to seal rust areas and add safety features to the finished tub’s surface including anti-slip texturing. If you think this might work for your bathroom, it will shave over $1,000 off your home renovations  bill.

#4. Reface Cabinets And Cupboards

Many bathrooms have cabinets and cupboards for storing or drying clothes. While a traditional renovation would see you rip out the existing cabinets, you can slim down your budget with refacing. The drawback of this is that you cannot change the layout of your cabinets but you stand to benefit from a 50 percent reduction on the cost of all new cabinetry. With refacing, your existing doors and hardware are trashed while the exposed edges of the frames are veneered. Brand new doors are there fitted, giving you a new look and limitless styling options.

#5. Source Materials From Factory-Direct Suppliers

Many homeowners reject refinishing and refacing as inferior substitutes for brand new materials but when considering a bathroom renovation or new bathroom price van be a factor. There is some truth to this as the layout and design of your bathroom may itself be dated and need reconsidering. Specialist bathroom renovation firms, especially those with experience of home design in Calgary for example, will be best placed to help you maximize the use of your existing space. You can still save significantly if you buy the tubs, sinks, tiles and stone you need from factory-direct sources. Make sure you search for renovation firms who have experience dealing with these low cost suppliers. contact us if a new bathroom is your future or a bathroom renovation is needed.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Calgary?

To get a feel for how much your new bathroom will cost, set a budget. The average costs of ensuite renovations can vary, but some tend to be more expensive than others.  To get an estimate of how much your bathroom will cost, you need to determine a budget. The cost of baths can vary in price, ranging from more expensive to less expensive.

How much does it cost to renovate a small Calgary bathroom?

The national average to remodel a small bathroom is about $6,500, but can range from $1,500 to $15,000 or more. To complete the job, you will likely spend $70 per square foot for DIY faucets and fixtures with do-it-yourself labor, and approximately $250 per square foot for faucets and fixtures in well-made bathrooms installed by a license plumber.

How can I save money in a bathroom renovation?

Some of the best ways to save money in your bathroom are by doing the demolition and construction yourself and shopping around for the best products at the lowest prices. Working with the existing plumbing and utilizing stock standard vanities are also excellent steps you can take to significantly decrease your bathroom renovation costs.



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