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Basements are found in many homes and they are often ignored and left untouched. Do you know that you can transform your basement into something more functional? Here are 6 fantastic basement remodeling ideas you can look into!

A guest bedroom

You can actually transform your basement into a guest bedroom. Simply spruce up the area and add lights, as well as a bed for your guests to sleep on. Do purchase some cabinets and lamps too. Transforming your guest bedroom means that you no longer have to share or relinquish your bed when you have guests in your house! No more sleeping on the couch while your guest takes you bed; bring the guest to the bedroom in your basement and everyone will be equally happy.

A child’s play area

Why not transform your unused basement into a child’s play area? It is in fact a perfect location to house your child’s toys and games. There is no longer a need to hear the shrieks of your child as he or she plays in the living room and messes up your furniture. If the child has their own play area, you will not be disturbed as you carry out your daily routines. Add a few windows here and there for adequate ventilation and a steady supply of fresh air. Remember to clean up the area prior to letting the kids in.

Your personal hobby room

Ever wanted an area for yourself to pursue your hobby? Your own room may not have enough space as it is occupied with a bed, a desk, a cabinet and many other fixtures. The basement is a perfect place as a hobby room offers adequate privacy and space. You can therefore perform model shipbuilding to your heart’s content in your new hobby room. Simply add a few tables, lights and chairs and you are pretty much set!

A wine bar

A basement is a perfect place to hold your wine as it is cooling and is away from direct sunlight. A homeowner can do some sprucing up of the basement and add a wine-refrigerator or wine cabinet in the basement. The family member can also add some tables and chairs and even transform the basement into a wine bar.

An entertainment room

Ever wanted to place a billiard table in your living room but ultimately decided not to, due to space constraints? You can certainly consider placing it in your basement instead. One can transform their basement into an entertainment room, as there is certainly enough space to do so. Add an area for darts, as well as some couches and sofas. One disadvantage is that internet gaming in a basement is limited due to the poor internet connectivity.  

A study room

Have you tried to study in your living room or bedroom only to fail miserably due to a possible noise pollution and other distractions? You can solve this problem by transforming your basement into a study room. In the name of simplicity, place only a table, chair and a table lamp in your new study room. You may add a cabinet or two to store your books and documents. Do not place any distractions such as televisions in the study room! Your productivity levels will shoot up in no time.



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Be it your mancave, entertainment haven or simply a functional space you’ll love your new basement. Increase your existing home living space by 30% – 50%. Enjoy this new extension of your home complimenting existing space.


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