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If you are looking for extra living space in your home, you should consider renovating the attic. Attic renovations can turn your attic into livable space, which can even help to make your home more valuable. Remodeling or finishing your attic is a financially savvy decision and one of the most cost-effective and best ways to increase your living area. While it is a great idea, it is not always easy as it involves concerns unique to attics. It is important to talk to the remodeling expert about the best ways to make this space functional. Following are tips that will come in handy during the project.

1.    It starts with a plan

Attic renovation, like any other project, begins with an effective plan. For the project to be successful, you have to think about all the details that are required to transform the space. Remember that the renovation will involve inspections that will determine how the project progresses. Make sure that you find out the building regulations before the work begins. Think about your design needs and talk to the remodeler about any challenges that may be expected. The professional should be able to come up with a good plan to work around any potential challenges.

2.    Know how you will use the space

You need to think about how you will use the renovated attic space. The remodeling process will depend on how the finished space will be used. If you want to turn the space into an extra bedroom, the finishing process will be different than if you want an extra bathroom or a recreation room. You should think not just of your present needs but also future use. Creating a space that can be versatile will come in handy if you need to change the use of the room. Remember that accessing the attic is not easy and you will need to find out the best infrastructural modification when planning a new stairway.

3.    Consider the roof slope

You have to think about the roof design or slope when you decide to remodel your attic. Determine how you will work with the roof’s slope to ensure the most efficient use of the space. This is a crucial part of the project planning and it will have a huge effect on the function and the cost. Design the space in a way that will allow you to make use of the space where the roof pitch is lowest. Remember that insulation and ventilation are vital in the attic, as the heat tends to rise causing the attic to become very hot. Make sure that you have adequate insulation and ventilation for the space to be livable.

4.    Check the wiring and plumbing

You should think about the plumbing and the wiring when planning the attic space. Plan for these important systems and remember that it can be quite challenging because you have to make sure that you have adequate floor space. Plan ahead for these items and make sure that the flooring does not interfere with the wires. If you are planning to include a bathroom, think about installing it close to existing drain and water lines. When planning the renovation, consider how the building materials will get into the attic. The process will be much easier if you are renovating the entire home.

5.    Know lighting considerations

It is important to plan the lighting when designing this space. Make sure that you choose lighting fixtures that will enhance this space, making it more functional. Wall and ceiling fixtures will provide much needed lighting without taking up much space. Think about the size of the room when installing lighting fixtures. Consider introducing natural light in the space by using extra windows or a skylight. Apart from enhancing lighting, windows will also help with enhancing ventilation. The roof design or slope will determine how you can bring in the natural lighting.

6.    Creating a safe space

Safety is an important consideration when planning the attic renovation. Think about the flooring so that you can choose the best materials for the space. Remember that putting too much weight on some areas can be big mistake. If the attic has plenty of ductwork, it can limit the usable space but you can ensure that what is available is both safe and functional. Make sure that you think carefully about your attic conversion and consider the expense and work involved in the project.

Your attic can be more than just storage space and it can help to transform your home. As long as you have sufficient ceiling space, the attic can be highly functional and the best part is that the renovation can be quite cost effective. When converting the attic, think about features like the staircase, the roof and floor framing and other details. If you have outgrown your current home, using up all available space can be very efficient because you do not have to think about moving just yet!



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