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Almost every renovation project encounters setbacks and upsets. This is normal and you should expect this but what you should never settle for is a substandard renovation that does not match your needs. You want a bathroom you can feel proud of but the renovation process is rarely a walk in the park. If you are planning a renovation, here are seven areas to focus on that can help you realize your dreams.

1. Does The Interior Design Capture Your Vision?

The crucial step responsible for the success or failure of renovation projects is the initial consultation. The success of the whole project rests on the designer being able to translate your vision in an interior design. At a minimum, consult three design or renovation firms and choose the design that works for you.

2. Use 3D Rendering

Most, if not all, interior designers use 3D rendering software to bring their interior design plans to life. This ensures that they have captured your vision and gives all parties involved in the project a clear picture of the original aims. This software can create a virtual model of your bathroom and lets you check where and how furniture will fit when work is complete. Always check that the software replicates the exact look and color of the materials by crosschecking with samples. In the case of natural stone, the installed product might differ somewhat from the original plan.

3. Laser-Measuring Survey

To increase the quality of your renovation project, consider a laser measuring survey. This creates outstanding accuracy and allows designers to produce full construction drawings with absolute precision. 3D rendering based on exact measurements will let you check the layout and balance of your bathroom before you commit to the finished design.

4. Professional Materials Selection

Many renovations look ‘off’ because materials such as the stone countertop and wooden cabinetry were chosen separately from different contractors. While this is often the cheapest renovation method, it does not always create a room that ‘fits’ right. You need professional guidance on materials selection to improve the outcome of your remodeling project. This is one reason why renovation firms are so popular because the designer has such close ties with the manufacturers, suppliers and contractors. Expect to be shown samples of materials used in the design to give yourself a chance of deciding how well they work together. However realistic the 3D rendering is, you need to see materials in real life to gauge how well they complement each other.

5. CNC Manufacturing

Once the 3D modeling is complete, engineering plans can be created of the cabinets required in your new bathroom. CNC machining is now the preferred way to cut cabinetry to exact specifications. Computer-controlled cutting tools produce materials that very closely match the original plan. This makes the parts look nicer and neater and ensures that your finished bathroom looks just the same as the plan. A custom renovation firm with experience of home design in Calgary will have the skills required to take your project from your vision to completion.



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