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There is definitely a need to renovate your home from time to time, as the furniture may sustain some form of wear and tear. A homeowner can also take this opportunity to spruce up the area, as well as replace spoilt furniture with new ones! A home improvement project can be expensive and might take some time before it is successfully completed. It is easy to make costly mistakes that will drag and delay the home renovation and improvement  process. Here are 8 things you have to do before and during your home improvement project, so that you can minimize unnecessary expenditure, as well as causing any delays!

Create a checklist

Creating a checklist of what you plan to renovate and replace, greatly streamlines the home improvement process and ensures that nothing is missed out. This will in turn minimize any delays and ensures that the renovation completes within its desired duration.

Measure everything before you purchase anything

It is crucial to have accurate measurements of your floor plans and elevations, as well as the furniture that you are going to replace. This ensures that you have something accurate to refer to, when you are purchasing new furniture or flooring. Failure to have prior measurements may result in purchasing flooring or furniture that are either too big or too small than what is actually required.

Decide on a contractor

Will you be your own contractor or will you hire someone to do the job? Regardless of which one is it, it is important to decide on who is going to handle the home improvement task. If a contractor will be engaged, ensure that you do prior research on them with regards to the their professional capabilities.

Decide between keeping and discarding the items

Some furniture may be in such a bad condition that they are beyond further repair while others are still useable. Decide on the course of action for selected furniture, whether to discard them or to keep them. One can in fact donate used furniture to needy individuals or even sell them for extra cash.

Develop a schedule

It is always beneficial to be prepared and be in control of the situation. Developing a schedule greatly helps as it allows the homeowner to keep track of the current status of the improvement process and push forward with the renovation works, if he or she realizes that they are behind schedule.

Renovate the floors first

The floor should be the first thing that is renovated in order to welcome any new furniture. Delaying the floor renovation until the end will require the homeowner and his or her family members to shift all the new and old furniture out of the room, resulting in further delays.

Paint the walls last

This is because there are a wide variety of colors that are available as wall paint, and the same cannot be said for furniture. The wall paint must therefore complement the color of the furniture, not the other way round!

Keep a record of your purchases

Note down your purchases in a handy notebook with the date of purchase, its price and the company, as well as their relevant contact details. This is very useful if there is a need to find out how much you paid for a certain cabinet, a little while down the road.



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