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Renovating or improving is the only way you can come up with a home that can meet and surpass your expectations as far as far your aesthetic preferences are concerned. Unfortunately, home remodeling is not easy. It is in fact, not for the faint hearted. The first thing you should consider is budget. This comes about after having a detailed plan of everything that will require changing, refinishing remodeling.

Budgeting assists in making sure the whole home improvement project of sails through to the end. But that is an obvious factor. What is not obvious is coming up with a realistic budget. That is, taking into account everything that matters, from that simple window pane repainting project to the mammoth like reroofing project. So, which areas should one prioritize when considering a home improvement project? Read on to find out.


Your front door

Few people notice their front door. Some cannot even tell the color of their front door. You may be using another entrance and so may not realize that the color has faded. Try and buy a new steel door and see how a new impression is created. If you find replacing the door hard on the pockets, you can always do a paint job. This should be followed by repair and it will be good as new.

The basement

There is a high likelihood that you use your basement as an extra room or a storage area. Reconsider that decision. Transform your basement into a luxury area. Add a pool table, a dart board or a poker game table. Feel free to add washrooms and have music systems too. But be keen on ventilation. You sure do not want mold infestation in your basement.

Decks and patios

It’s important to have a new wood deck. This is good when you are trying to sell your house as most people hardly mind outdoor living spaces. So if you have that hard to come by outdoor space, remodel it with a new feature. Consider a water feature, an outdoor fireplace or design a new landscape.

Increase space

This can either be an attic, extra bedrooms, bathrooms or expanding the living space. Extra rooms in the house increase the resale value. But that is only if they were designed with precision as well as functionality in mind.

Garage door

There are different types of garage doors. They range from stainless steel doors to insulated models that have glass windows. There are also energy efficient doors that open by the click of a button. Consider automated garage doors that open with voice command or finger prints, if by any chance you wish to store your car and other valuables in your garage.

Renovate the kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is highly recommended especially where one wants to put up his or her home for sale. This is mainly because the kitchen is the most looked at room, together with the bathroom. Given that most women make the final decision on most house sales, it’s important to impress them if they are your target market by having adorable kitchen. Repair the cabinets, the sinks and the bathrooms. Repaint them and you will have them looking as good as new.

Replace the windows

Windows portray the general state of the house. They can make good or bad first impressions. With that in mind, consider customizing your windows. Go for window options and materials that are durable, easy to clean and can complement your home’s exterior.

The siding

You may not know it, but remodeling your siding alone can help you recoup up to 78 percent of your total cost. Impressive sidings are more or less the deal breakers when one is selling a home. So take time to find a contractor that can spice up your vinyl siding. Consider fiber cement mix and any other ideas that your contractor may recommend.

Redo your bathroom

A good bathroom can be pampering after a long day at work or school. Consider replacing your old mirrors and shower appliances. You can also repaint the whole area. Change your sinks if you have to. There are lots of customized bathroom sinks for consideration. Repair the sinks and replace the grout on the flooring. The tub should also be replaced with a customized one.

Are you looking for the best ROI for your home improvement project?

Remodeling your home to give it a new look may sound good. Keep in mind however that some remodeling projects may not guarantee you ROIs if you are planning to sell your home. It is therefore to state that some remodeling projects are only ideal for people who do not wish to put up their homes for sale. Take your swimming pool for instance. It calls for thorough maintenance. It also calls for extra insurance costs. Gourmet kitchens and whirlpool baths are also sensitive areas. The former required high end kitchen accessories and appliances. The latter, means one may have to put up with high electricity bills. These two factors may scare off potential buyers or simply force you to spend a lot both on installation and maintenance.



The heart of your home deserves the methodical design to reflect your personality and lifestyle. From the finest in quality materials, your kitchen and bathroom become a work of art and appreciated by those who truly appreciate sophistication and beauty.



Be it your mancave, entertainment haven or simply a functional space you’ll love your new basement. Increase your existing home living space by 30% – 50%. Enjoy this new extension of your home complimenting existing space.


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