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The kitchen is the one place in your home that has lots of items to store. Unless you have them stored in an organized manner you will run into all kinds of problems when you are going to do your cooking. Therefore, it is always good to use innovative storage solutions to prevent your kitchen from getting cluttered. If you look around, you can find the material you need for creating some nice little storage solutions that will come in handy. The following are a few of them which you may like to have in your kitchen.

•    Utilize the space under your kitchen sink

Did you realize that there is a lot of space in the cupboard that covers the space under your kitchen sink? You hardly use this space for anything. In order to use it for storing your cleaning supplies, you only need to install a closet rod. While your spray bottles of cleaning agents can be hung on the closet rod you can utilize the space below for your brushes, sponges and other paraphernalia. Now your cleaning material will never contribute to clutter your kitchen.

•    Buying a cookware organizer

Storage of pots and pans is one of the most cumbersome things a housewife has to live with. Every time a pan is taken out there will be a lot of work to do when the same pan is going to be inserted where it was. Once you buy this organizer that is available in furniture stores, you will be able to store your pots and pans methodically. These organizers are available online as well. You also have the ability pick the pan you want without disturbing other pans kept in store when you use this organizer.

•    Storage of your kitchen equipment

You are sure to be having a number of kitchen equipment in your kitchen and they occupy a considerable space in your countertop. Even if you have space inside the cupboards it is not easy to take them out every time when you need to use them. In order to do this job easily what you need to do is to buy any of the ‘shelf heavy duty lift System’ from the market. Such types of items are available online as well. After keeping it in your kitchen, you will never have to keep your heavy mixers, coffee makers, juice extractors and all other kitchen equipment on your countertop. Once you store them in, you will not only get a lot of additional space but also your kitchen will look tidy.

•    Install a spice rack

Storage of bottles of spices and herbs is another headache most housewives are compelled to bear with. The number of bottles is so many that they are all over the kitchen contributing to cluttering the space. When you install a spice rack or two, all those bottles of spices could go in there. While you improve the tidiness of your kitchen, you also will find it easy to pick up the right spice at once when the bottles are stored in one of these racks. In case the space is not enough when you install one, you could go for a second one as well. Proper labeling of bottles will make things easier for you as well.

•    Give a makeover to your junk drawer

If you analyze one your kitchen drawers, you will see that there are scissors, bottle openers, and other junk stored that you hardly use. By keeping such items in a haphazard manner makes the drawer look messy when you open it. It is very important that you make an effort to convert this into a good storage space for your small items. Egg cartons and food jars that could be accommodated inside the drawer will be helpful in creating your organized junk drawer.

•    Floating shelves and corner shelves

If your kitchen cabinets are full or if you want to have your day to day items at hand, the possibility is there for you to install floating shelves. Even corner shelves may come in handy. All your drinking glassware, mixing bowls and things could go into these shelves in order to create more vacant spaces inside your cabinets. Installing floating shelves and corner shelves is not a difficult task either. In case you are a dedicated cook who often refers to books and magazines, one of your floating shelves could provide space for them as well.

•    Cabinet tray divider

Sometimes it becomes necessary to leave things in your cabinets in an orderly manner. The best thing to do in this case is to buy a couple of cabinet tray dividers. When you store your pizza pans, drying trays and things in them, it is possible to pull the divider out and take whatever you need easily.

These are just a few ideas on how to organize your kitchen. You can certainly explore more ways to do the same and it’s your imagination that is the only limiting factor here!



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