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Everyone knows for a fact that first impressions matter when impressing guests. That is why people everywhere always put their best feet forward as far as their homes’ aesthetic appeal is concerned. That is exactly where front doors come into the picture. So, what exactly does it mean to go for a front door option that can complement your home’s external appeal? You will have to take into account the material factor. Then over and beyond your choice of materials, you will have to take into account the specific type of front door that can give your home your desired appearance. Read on to find out more.

Wooden doors

It’s a norm for most people to go for wooden doors. They are considered as the standard choice by many. What’s more, they exude class and to some extent, elegance. Wood can also be curved or inscribed on with ease. That makes it one of the best options for people who wish to go for customized front doors.


Glass doors

Glass is just as popular as wood. The only difference is the fact that glass front doors often come with hefty price tags. They are expensive. That goes a long way to explain why many people consider it as an option for the rich. That is true to some extend given that some glass doors feature expensive frosts.


Pretty much like glass, only that they are not as popular. They are durable, easy to maintain and of course, alluring. Holding your fiberglass front door with a wooden frame can go a long way to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. It is a little known blend, which works well for those on a budget.

Steel doors

The mention of security and durability brings about steel doors.  These doors are far much safer and stronger than wooden, glass and fiber glass doors combined. They never crack. They also come in various designs; there is the high-end steel door that is combined with wood veneer which is laminated on the surface. This combination is perfect for exuding elegance. It brings about a refined look which is vital for making a lasting first impression.

Choosing front door types

Now that you are done with exploring the different types of materials available for your front door, the next step is to choose a specific type of front door. This should be easy for you if you took time to explore each of the aforementioned options, taking into account pros and cons. The most common types of front doors include:

Single acting doors

This is the type found in most modern homes. It’s the typical door hinged on one side and opens on the other side. They are good in houses that have ample spaces. That means they can swing in and stay open. There are also the hinged doors that typically open in both directions. They swing inside and outside. These are mostly found on the doors to interior rooms or to the kitchen. They can also be used as front doors.

Bifold doors

They feature two panels. Each panel can fold at the middle and open on the side. They are ideal for homeowners who need wide entrances. It’s also possible to have a bifold door in a single panel.

Sliding doors

They are considered a preserve for the affluent. They bring out elegance and beauty without struggling. They come in various designs from frosted, designed to plain glass doors. They can also be complimented by wooden or aluminum frames.  The pocket sliding door happens to be one of the most common types of sliding doors. It slides smoothly between walls and does not block half of the entrance. Note that this type of door can only be fixed during construction.

Choosing the finishing

Your decision on the design of the door should take into account vital factors such as your interior décor.  That is why it is smart to opt for simple and fancy designs. There are designer panels that look classy in the either wooden or glass front doors. Incorporating inlays that are fancy and customized artworks add to the wooden doors.

Remember that a combination of wood and glass always comes out perfect. Throw in some designs to the wooden front. Try some thin bars and curved designs to be added to the door. A little Frosted glass can complete the design

As you choose your door color, let the color match with the color of your windows and the exterior walls. Try and get the door and do the painting later. There are colors that will never go wrong with any wall color, such colors include, black, navy blue and white. Some people try to spice the colors with a cherry wooden door. All in all, always look at your budget before making any commitment and decisions.



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