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Activists around the world have been attacking chrysotile asbestos relentlessly and while no one is denying it is carcinogenic (cancer causing) it is safe to handle as long as proper guidelines are followed. Asbestos is toxic if people are highly exposed to it for a long period. That’s why asbestos is banned in Canada and the government is investing billions of dollars in removing it from key buildings such as the Parliament buildings. Asbestos is one of the most dangerous hazards you are likely to face when you renovate your home. Here are four tips that will help you stay safe.

Tip #1. It’s Not What You Don’t Know That Kills You…

As the famous Mark Twain quote goes, it’s what you think you know for sure that often proves to be dangerous. Nowhere is this truer than with asbestos, with many renovators thinking that they can easily identify which materials contain the toxic substance. Asbestos is commonly mixed with concrete and is found in ceilings, wall cladding, vinyl floor tiles and other insulation materials where you’d least expect it. Although asbestos is safe if left untouched, drilling into it, cutting or breaking it will cause you and anyone in the home a high exposure unless you deal with it safely.

Tip #2. Get An Asbestos Inspection

Unless you have special training, you are unlikely to be able to identify which materials in your home contain asbestos. Many people will be able to identify the corrugated boards used for old garages and sheds but not much more. The best way to proceed with your renovation is to contact a specialist for an asbestos inspection. Some home inspectors will offer this service, as will many custom renovation companies. Only choose asbestos removers registered with the government and properly licensed to carry out work.

Tip #3. Hire A Custom Renovator

It is strongly advised not to attempt DIY asbestos removal. You risk exposing not only yourself but also your family to harmful dust. There are two problems with self-removal. Firstly, you risk contaminating your home and even public areas as soon as you break materials containing asbestos. You can’t simply hire a skip to deal with the waste, you will need to pay to have it specially disposed of. Secondly, you may cause long-term damage if you leave some areas of asbestos in place after you finish renovating. This is exactly the sort of long-lasting exposure that will damage the health of your home’s occupants. Custom renovation firms such as those specializing in home design in Calgary, will be able to inspect for asbestos and deal with its removal safely.

Tip #4. Consolidate To Save Money

There are strict laws about where and how asbestos can be safely disposed of. Often trying to save money by removing material yourself can lead to a bigger bill than a professional removal firm would charge. Getting the same contractor or renovation firm to handle inspection and removal can cost less than hiring two separate firms.



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