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Corefront specializes in full home renovations and additions like a Sunroom Calgary Addition . From design to construction and project management we have over 300 steps tried tested and true.

We look at your space as a blank canvas allowing you and our designers to dream without limits. Do we use your existing layout, or start fresh within your existing walls or do we add up down or sideways? These questions will be reviewed in detail and answers provided with design idea and with budget ranges. We understand figuring out what direction to go can be the most difficult decision you’ll have to make. Corefront’s goal and priority is to bring clarity through simplicity and creativity.

Corefront will also look into development permit options for that potential addition, we’ll provide a due diligence study to help give direction home remodeling contractor.

The following questions are important to start thinking about when planning for a larger scale residential renovation such as:

  1. Am I happy with my existing sq.ft space?
  2. Is my space functional?
  3. Ideally what rooms would I like to remove or expand?
  4. How will my families living needs change in the next 5-7 years from today?
  5. Am I happy with the existing floor plan layout?
  6. Would I like to or do I require to change over 60% of my existing space?
  7. How long do I plan to live in my home?
  8. What is my budget?
  9. Is my foundation and overall structure of my home in good condition?
  10. Is my home energy efficient?
  11. What is my neighbourhood doing in the way of full home renovations and additions?
  12. What is my neighbourhood value ceiling, will I see a return on my home if I have to sell 5 years from today?
  13. Will my project fit into the parameters of the City of Calgary Land use bylaw (building coverage, building height and setbacks etc)?
  14. Is my existing structure engineered to allow for an addition and or removed existing interior walls?
  15. Will my existing footprint allow for my entire wish list?
  16. Will my existing city services and utilities work with my renovation or addition?

We can analyze these questions and many more with you in detail to help bring in clarity.



The heart of your home deserves the methodical design to reflect your personality and lifestyle. From the finest in quality materials, your kitchen and bathroom become a work of art and appreciated by those who truly appreciate sophistication and beauty.



Be it your mancave, entertainment haven or simply a functional space you’ll love your new basement. Increase your existing home living space by 30% – 50%. Enjoy this new extension of your home complimenting existing space.


NEW Builds

Knockdown and build the new home of your dreams in the community you’ve come to love. Full services through Corefront allow you to build exactly what you want and where you want it for years of enjoyment to come.

Corefront looks forward to serving you. Being a part of your home renovation or new build is an honour and privilege. Building your dream is our dream!