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You might have wanted to change the tiles in your bathroom ever since you moved into your new home. You don’t like the color of the current ones and you need a renovator to come and fix the problem for you. But there is something bothering you, you have not yet decided the right color for your tiles.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Choice color for bathroom tiles is stressful to many people when they want to renovate their bathrooms. What you should know is that there is no definite tile color. The color that your neighbour told you is perfect might not work for your bathroom. You should therefore consider the following factors when settling for a tile color:


The size of the bathroom

The size of your bathroom will influence the color of your tiles. Colors have a way of changing the appearance of a room. Depending on the color that you decide to choose, your bathroom will either appear bigger or smaller.

If you have a smaller bathroom then you should go bright colors. Colors such as orange or yellow will make your bathroom appear bigger than it is. It will make you feel like you are taking a shower in a very big bathroom.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is bigger, dull colors will be perfect for you. Shades of grey or brown will make the room appear smaller than its normal size. You don’t want to have a swimming pool feeling while you are just in a bathroom. Factor in the size of the bathroom and see the magic that colors and bring when it comes to appearance.

The theme of the house

It is important to have a bathroom that conforms to the general theme of your home. House themes are becoming trendy and people are moving from the traditional way of doing things. You will find in most cases people are settling for a specific theme and then apply it to all the rooms in the house.

Your bathroom is a room like any other and therefore you should not ignore this factor. If for example you have a masculine theme in the house you should consider tiles with shades of black or gray. A feminine theme on the other hand will require you to use bright colors for your tiles.

Remember, if the color of your bathroom tiles does not blend well with the general theme used in the other rooms, the bathroom will not look good regardless of how lovely the tiles are.

Personal preference

We all have our favourite colors. Color preference plays an important role when making a decision on what color to have on the tiles.  You should choose a color that you like. Although friends will give their opinions on what might work best for your bathroom, you should not let their preferences outdo yours.  You are the person who will be using this bathroom everyday and not your friends. Choose a color that works best for you. You do not want to wish that you had a different color on your tiles few weeks after the renovation.

Keep in mind that by the end of the day you should like the new look of your bathroom. If you don’t like it, then it was not worth spending your money on.


Bathroom tiles need to be maintained well for them to have a good appearance. You do not want your tiles to look like they we put there 15 years ago yet they are new. You want your guests to admire them every time they visit your home.

You should therefore consider having tiles which you will be able to maintain. Bright colors are in most cases harder to maintain and they are more prone to stains. If you are that person who find it hard to maintain high standards of cleanliness, then it is advisable that you settle for dull tiles.  You will not need to clean them every day. If you can maintain high standards of cleanliness then either bright or dull colors will work for you.

Latest trends

Color in the bathroom is something that is becoming trendy. Few years ago, tiles were just tiles and their color did not matter. This is not the case nowadays.

Neutral shades such as taupe, cream and beige were the most popular colors in many bathrooms a couple of years ago. This has changed and there is a shift towards bolder colors. The shift has been associated with the cheerful nature of these colors. If you are a person that likes catching up with the latest trends, then bold colors might be a perfect choice for you.

Now that you have you have known the factors that you should consider when deciding the color of your tiles, you might probably want to take the next step of hiring professionals to renovate your bathroom. You can get that service from us! We offer all types of home renovations in Calgary. We will help in choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, so allow us to help you transform your bathroom.



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