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Before commencing a basement renovation undertaking, there are some two hazards, namely lead paint and asbestos, you need to be aware of.  However, it is possible to create a safe working environment by following this home renovation safety guide.  We all know that a well done home remodeling undertaking offers a magnificent opportunity to improve our living arrangements and not forgetting adding value to the home. There are quite few tasks that can be as satisfying as transforming our homes through remodeling. It is a rewarding experience that should be shared by all.

Beers, barbeques and tools aside, there are specific safety standards that need to be followed so as to keep yourself and your family safe.  Read this basement renovation safety advice before picking up that sledgehammer!

Safety 101

Apart from looking out for hazardous construction materials, there are a few basic safety rules you need to be aware of.

•    Gas and electricity

All electrical and gas work requires to be carried out by certified professionals as they have both the expertise and tools to do a perfect job. During the remodeling process, there will be time when both the electricity and gas supply will need to be turned off so as to ensure a safe working environment. Ensure to check you electricity safety switches to make sure they are in perfect working condition.

•    Ventilation

The work space needs to be properly ventilated as dust and fumes can cause a lot of health issues.

•    Trips and hazards

Make sure that the tools and materials are put away as work progresses to avoid tripping over them. Power tools need to be disconnected when not in use.

•    Safety gear

Appropriate clothing, gloves, breathing masks, shoes and eye protection need to be worn throughout the remodeling process.

•    Containment

Waste, dust residue and fumes need to be contained by sealing the parts of the house that are not being renovated. The floor requires to be covered with plastic sheets. Children and pregnant women are advised to keep away from the worksite. Have the neighbors seal their doors and windows where possible.  Remember to wash your hands and face before eating the food. Make sure to eat away from the remodeling site.

Issues with asbestos


Homes that were built between 1921 and mid-1980s mostly contain asbestos, a building material that can cause serious illnesses, fatal cancer included, if not correctly managed. However, asbestos is not risky if not disturbed. The renovator should pay special attention to tile and carpet underlays, concrete formwork, packing under beams, wall sheeting, carports, waterproof membrane, zelemite backing boards, gables, expansion joints and the likes before commencement of a remodeling undertaking.

If asbestos is suspected, the local council or the right environmental protection agency need to be contacted so as to be advised on the best way forward. Anything that is suspected to contain asbestos need to be removed by professionals as fragments are likely to become airborne. Asbestos should only be disposed of at authorized landfills.

Lead paint

All homes that were built before the 1970s have lead-based paints around and inside the perimeter. If removed, lead paint dust or chips can be quite toxic to animals and humans, particularly kids under the age of five. The only way to protect your family and animals is to be informed on the best way to handle this paint.

Unless disturbed, lead paint is not a threat. So scraping or sanding old lead pint should be avoided at all costs as it can cause dust and chips to scatter all over the place. The best methods to remove this toxic paint include wet sanding, safe containment of waste paint waste and chemical striping. Let professionals help you remove this paint from your walls as they have the experience, expertise and tools to do an excellent job.

Are you the one with the problem?

Mishaps, messing up and procrastination are some of the greatest remodeling bothers that need to be taken care of.  And the natural tensions that come about when household routines are disturbed are only exacerbated by unnecessary delays and chaos. Order and cleanness should be your friend when the remodeling process is being carried out. These all ensure that you are able to avoid time-consuming and costly during the renovation undertaking.

In most cases, like all other remodeling undertakings, basement renovations can cause a lot discontent in your home. To minimize these issues, a proper remodeling plan is a must. For small tasks, you can decide to divide them among the family members and friends. When the project is too big, downgrade it or call a professional to help you out. But remember to have fun. You are having the basement renovated to improve your lifestyle and add value to your home so don’t let it become a drag in the process. If the renovations are done professionally, the end results will be both satisfying and rewarding!



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