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Colors are able to do lots of magical things when it comes to designing interiors. In fact, if the right color scheme is not used, you will not be able to convey the message to your visitors about your tastes. Also, it is the colors used in your interior design that makes your home an attractive place in the eyes of your visitors. Due to all these reasons, using the right color is an extremely important aspect when it comes to interior design. It is necessary to consider the colors to be used in your interior décor, furniture and even floors if you wish to make your home an attractive place to live in.

Where to find advice on using colors for interior design

•    You have the possibility to get ideas from interior décor magazines with regard to usage of colors.

•    Your neighbor who maintains a beautiful home can give you a few tips on using the right colors in your home.

•    There are many internet resources that discuss the same subject as well.

Once you gather ideas from all these resources, it is always better to have a brainstorming session with all of your family members. This is how you come up with different concepts and designs when you plan to renovate your home and want to give a new look to your interiors.

Getting started with a color scheme

Since your furniture is the most expensive item to replace, it is a good idea to start your color scheme by giving priority to the colors of your furniture. This could save you a lot because you never need to buy new furniture. However, you need to remember that color schemes could do wonders to living rooms. Due to the fact that you have an unlimited number of color schemes to think of, choosing one to match with your furniture is not going to be a big issue. Also, a good color scheme may not cost a lot.

Choosing colors for floors

First thing in interior design is the floor colors. In case you are going to purchase new carpets you have the option to choose the colors you like the most. Of course if you have a tiled floor, you will not be able to do any changes to the floor colors. The only thing you can do is to use matching colors on your interior décor, furniture and walls etc. In case you buy wall to wall carpets, make them a bit darker than your wall colors. This will give you room a cozier look. In case you want the room to look spacious, use a lighter color.

Wall colors

Choosing the right wall colors is also an important aspect of designing your living room. Since it is normally a casual meeting place, pale colors are more suitable. In keeping with your floor color, you can choose shades of brown, yellow or even purple for your living room walls. However, if your living room is going to be a more formal one, using a bit darker shades of traditional colors such as maroon or taupe will be a better choice. In choosing the color, you need to consider the color of your furniture as well.

Furniture colors

Once you have decided on the colors of your walls and the floors, you need to decide on the colors to be used with your furniture. There is a universal appeal with neutral colors. The primary reason for this is that they are easy to match with other colors that are already there in a color scheme. White, black, light beige, light cream, grayish white and light grey are neutral colors which you can use on your furnishings. In case you buy new furniture, you will not run into problems on choosing colors but in case you have the furniture bought already, you may need to consider that before choosing colors for floors and walls.

Curtain colors

When you choose curtains the most important color to consider is of the walls. Therefore, it is always useful to take the color card your paint dealer gives when you buy paints with you when you shop for curtains. Comparing the fabric colors with the wall colors will allow you to choose the most suitable color for the curtains. In case you want an intense look with your curtains, avoid buying gauzy materials. When you buy curtains stitched out of thicker materials, your living room will have a more intense look.

When you consider your interior design, your living room is not the only place to focus on. Your bathroom and your kitchen also need to be given some consideration. While the bathroom floor color has to match with that of the fittings and the cabinets found inside, kitchen floors also should have colors that match with the colors used in kitchen cupboards.

All in all, when all of these aspects related to color are considered for your home, you will end up with an attractive home you are proud of!



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