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Renovations can be a little costly. Hence, it is important that the service you are getting corresponds with the amount you paid. You would also want good service so that this renovating phase can be effectively facilitated and completed with satisfactory results as fast as possible. This article will be discussing what you can do or look out for from the paid services which are within your rights and are beneficial for you.

Have a specific plan

It is financially healthy for you to have it all figured – you should have a very detailed picture of what you want your house to look like after the renovation. Refrain from vague statements like “I want to transform my kitchen”. If you do this, a contractor will then give suggestions based on what they reckon you would like, and this can turn out to be unsatisfactory and maybe even more expensive. Before deciding to call up a contractor, find time to have a framework of what you want done. When you are more detailed you are with your requests, it will make it a lot easier for you when it comes to comparing quotes.

If you really can’t think of any specific designs, you can resort to renovation websites which are free, filled with great advice and printable layouts. Some suppliers even have free-of-charge design consultations if you choose to purchase materials from them. You can also hire a professional interior designer which are equipped with knowledge and can help you discover what you want and also keep it within your budget through structural planning.

Home inspector dependency


It’s highly recommended that you hire a home inspector! These guys can make sure that there is nothing odd or in critical condition in your house. It would be upsetting if renovators were to find chunks of dangerous mould while in the midst of working on your house. Home inspectors can also pay you visits or even be present some days throughout the renovation process to ascertain that everything is being done properly. Also, once the renovation is completed, they have the trained eye to pinpoint potential issues before you make the payment to your renovating services. Inspection services are relatively affordable, as they don’t usually exceed $500.

Legitimate validation through professional qualifications

Always make sure to have a good knowledge of your renovator’s professional profile. In Canada, you can ask the contractor for a GST registration number and maybe also proof of insurance. Be inclined to also ask about the contractor’s association – whether it is a local or national home builders’ association. These organizations usually need the members to agree to a code of ethics through signature and will therefore effectively answer complains or inquiries from clients.

Another thing is that you can judge the renovator’s competency based on his company’s longevity, but it is best not to be fixated on this. Some newcomers are also as competent and are willing to lower their prices to attract potential clients. Choosing a contractor whose previous project has a lot of similarities with what you are looking for is also a smart move.


Communication is key. Without it, complications may lurk closer than you think. If there seems to be some sort of problem in the midst of the renovation (which most of the time, there will be), you have to be able to find an effective solution together with your renovator. The both of you have to go through discussions, considerations and agreement, and all these procedures can also be done through the conduit of open communication.

Needless to say, this is much easier accomplished with a renovator who is willing to communicate as compared to a closed-off brick wall. The importance of communication is even further amplified if your renovation period is going to take weeks or in some cases, even months. You will then have to entertain the presence of the renovation crew for a long time, and hence you should set some boundaries straight (for example, whether or not they are allowed to raid your fridge/bathrooms).

All in all, be attentive and actively involved in your renovation – after all, the main project here is your habitat! Do not be clueless and leave the job all to the services as some companies may take advantage of your lack of knowledge for their own financial gain. Prior to the renovation, conduct an ample amount of research on prices, choices and your rights. It is also very much preferred if you had a reputable and reliable company carrying out the renovation.

If you happen to be looking for renovators in Canada, Corefront puts communication as an essential part of our services and we also prioritize customer satisfaction. Always be mentally equipped with research and be comparative – choose the best renovator you can hire within your budget!



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