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Doing home renovations can be a labour and capital intensive process. There are many instances where individuals end up spending a lot more than they should on it, thus temporarily messing up their finances. The only way to avoid this is by approaching the renovation as a sort of investment. The fact that you have limited resources and probably want to change many things about the house means that you need to prioritize on what you need to get done. This way, you can then end up getting the most bang for your buck.

This is a process that should be carefully carried out. There are a number of renovations that are usually known to be very beneficial whether you intend to sell the house or simply want to make it more functional for your use. Making a point of focusing on these will make it easier for you to get value for money. Some of the changes you can consider include:

Renovating the kitchen


In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you prepare meals for your family, and can also function as a place where you get to eat such meals in some cases. As a result, this is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It is one of the parts of the house that is most likely to suffer a lot of wear and tear since it’s used on a daily basis.

If you are to get the most value for money, some of the changes you can focus on when renovating the kitchen include:

•    Changing the counter tops

•    Replacing some of the appliances, particularly if they are very old

•    Replacing the surfaces. For instance, you could install new tiles on the walls and floor.

•    Improving the lighting

•    Improving the safety profile of the kitchen, such as by installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

Proper kitchen renovation will result in a more functional kitchen, and you are likely to find it much easier to use in future.

Making it more green

If you are interested in home renovation, making a few changes to make it greener is likely to pay off. The good thing is that a large number of these changes might not be very expensive. Reducing the waste produced by the household will eventually translate to savings, since you will use less water, gas, electricity and other resources. Some of the ways to make the home more green would include:

•    Using energy efficient lighting

•    Insulating the home to reduce heating needs

•    Installing a compost heap for biodegradable waste management

•    Changing some of the appliances to more eco-friendly kinds

The best way to find out how to make your home greener is by consulting a renovation expert. They should first inspect your home and then figure out some of the changes that will make the greatest impact in this regard. This reduces the need to waste time on changes that will have a minimal effect.

Modify the bathroom

You might not spend such a large amount of time in the bathroom, but its state has a huge influence in your day to day life. Having a high quality bathroom will not only make it easier to use, but it also has the potential of increasing the value of the home. If you are doing the renovation and have limited funds, you should consider spending some of it on making the bathrooms look more pleasant as well as easier to use. However, the fact that some of these changes are delicate means that you need to be critical of the contractors you use for the project. The last thing you want to deal with is a problem such as a leak that can’t be fixed because the contractor damaged the plumbing when fixing the bathroom.

Changes you need to be careful about

There are some common changes you need to be careful about when doing renovations including:

•    Installing a swimming pool

•    Turning a bedroom into a hobby room

•    Installing ornate lighting

•    Converting your garage into a different type of space such as a bedroom

The only time you should invest in the above is when you are sure that you need such changes. If you intend to put the house on sale in future, it might not be wise to waste money on some of these changes. If, for instance, you change a bedroom into a cellar, most buyers might not be interested in the cellar. They might have to spend money on renovating the room back into a bedroom. The fact that they will need to spend time and money on the home after buying it might put them off doing it.

In summary, the key to getting value for money when doing home renovation is by prioritizing. Always think about the changes that will have the greatest impact, and then focus on these.



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