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The bathroom is one of the places in a home that needs to be given special attention as it has to be kept clean and dry. One of the main things to consider is its functionality. Lighting is also an important aspect to look after. In case there is the possibility to use natural light, you must try to exploit the situation primarily because a well lit bathroom with natural light will be attractive to the eye. When you upgrade a bathroom, it is possible for you to do it at low cost if you want.

The first thing you need to think of when upgrading a bathroom is the layout. In case you are going to have the same layout, you may not need to change your tub, sink and even the commode. If this is the case you only need to consider renovating the floor and the wall. Replacing towel racks and mirrors may also become necessary. Whatever you do, it is a must to preserve the good looks and the functionality of your bathroom at its best.

Ideas for renovating the walls

Since the bathroom wall has to be done anew, it is a good idea to use tongue and grove boards to make the upper part. The best material to fill the lower part is the tiles. When you have tiles for the lower part, it does not only offer a beautiful appearance to your bathroom but also enable you to wipe clean the walls easily. With this sort of an arrangement, one problem you will face is that the planks will be thicker than the tiles. In order to make the correction you could fill the lower part of the wall by building it up.

When you choose the colors for the two areas you could either use the same color or you may like to have two colors. It is also possible to use liner tiles to make it a bit more decorative. Building the walls could be done on your own because it is not such a complicated task. Only you need to know the sequence of applying primer and paint. You could save a lot by doing the job yourself as even a handyman has to be paid a lot to do the same job. There are online resources from which you could get help in this case.

Installing the floor

Tiles are the best choices for bathroom floors as they are easy to maintain. They are also durable and look nice. It is not a difficult task to lay them either. However, when you are going to buy your tiles it is a must for you to calculate the number of tiles you need meticulously. Things will become still more difficult if you are going to have a pattern that will require tiles of a few different colors. Since there are expensive high end tiles also in the market, you need to avoid them if you are going to do a thrifty job.  There are high quality tiles that come at cheaper prices for you to use. When you apply tiles you will find that it is a time consuming job that needs lots of patience. However, it is worth the trouble because your floor has to be flawless.



There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to making a selection for your bathroom vanity. You can keep the following in mind:

•    Using the right color to match with the colors used in the floor is a must when you choose the color for your vanity.

•    Nickel plated knobs will add luxury to most colors and you also have the option to choose gold color.

•     Choosing the towel holder and the toilet paper holder to have the same color is a good idea to make things more uniform.

•    Choosing the right toilet paper holder and a towel holder could add to the good looks of your bathroom as well.

Countertops, mirrors, lighting and more!

It is not necessary to replace the countertop in all situations. For example, changing the faucet could add a new look to the countertop.  However, it is necessary to replace the mirror with a new one as well. The new one has to be chosen carefully in order to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. A chrome sconce is a good addition when it comes to lighting in case it is a chrome towel holder and the drawer knobs you have. It will also provide ample lighting you always look for. You can also place a plant in your bathroom or a vase to further enhance the look of your bathroom. There are many people who place a vase of artificial flowers on their vanity.

When it comes to renovation of a bathroom, there is plenty of room for you to use your imagination on the design. Work with a professional today and give a much-needed makeover to your bathroom!



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