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Even if all is going well, renovation can still be a great pain in the neck. A smooth-going renovation means (almost) everything is going as planned – in no way does it mean the homeowner is spared the noise or the inability to carry out daily routines normally. Hence, if this is the case, even if a good day already has its thorns, it is obvious that everybody without dispute would want to face any unnecessary pandemonium which will pour more fuel into the fire. This article is going to discuss some things you are not supposed to do while deciding to renovate your home.

Blindly looking for the cheapest renovators


It is a good practice to be careful about how much you spend, but do not make the mistake of being too extreme on the other end of the stick. Do not focus too much on being thrifty to the point that it is at the expense of quality. Make sure you hire a renovating service which is within your financial budget and meets your needs with satisfaction. In fact, Stephen Fanuka, an established and high-end contactor who’s collaborated with renowned designers such as Thom Filicia had stated that people should ask for detailed proposals of high-end and expensive contractor in their selection considerations, and then obtain a copy of it (excluding the costs). You should then look for less costly contractors to expand on it. It is highly recommended that you keep in mind that the lowest bids are rarely ever the best choices.

Communication breakdowns

The first time you meet your contractor; always remember that first impressions count. Whatever it is you are discussing about, make a conscious effort to maintain your politeness and keep your cool. How you treat them or the kind of attitude you use towards them can firstly, determine whether they want to work for you or not. Secondly, even if they still choose to work with you after a bad attitude, their own attitude towards the whole project in the coming months might be adversely impacted.

Lack knowledge about your own contractor

When a client is clueless about everything, it is easy for cheating contractors to have their ways without legal trouble. Hence, it is always very crucial to be aware of what is going on and possibly be as active as he or she is with your own house project. What is most important is that you should at least know for sure that your contractor is properly licensed. It is not rude for you to request that they show you their license as a form of proof. Also ensure that they have liability insurance. Hence, if their workers happen to get seriously injured at times, no company can sue you.

Expecting a speedy renovation

This will not affect the renovation per se, but it will affect your peace of mind. Impatience just simply does not have a place when it comes to renovations. You will end up short-tempered all the time, and this will affect those around you, from your contractor to your family members. Hence, instead, you should be completely realistic and understand a good quality renovation cannot be done hastily.

If you do have some inquiries, have your contractor explain everything to you. If you do not understand the whole renovation jargon and esoteric renovation terms which a contractor is likely to use, you can also ask your home inspector to translate the jargon to plain English. Basically, refrain from mentally setting unrealistic durations. A kitchen renovation alone will take months, let alone a whole house.

Not writing things down in black and white

Do not just settle for a verbal contract! Upon agreeing with your contractor about anything, always make sure that in front of you is a pen and a form for you to record this agreement and its conditions down. This prevents misunderstandings, unreasonable expectations, possible frauds and disappointments.

Getting too carried away

Some people can get too excited with the whole arrays of house designs that they may get a little overboard. While choosing designs, instead of just superficially looking at it, liking it and therefore choosing it just like that, make an effort to think about whether it’d be conducive for you to do your work or have quality time with your loved ones. Bright hues of bold colors may look attractively provocative in magazines, but it may be overwhelming when you actually have to live with it for years. However, if you have thought about it and still think you will appreciate such boldness, go ahead! The point is that you go beyond superficial thought with your decisions.

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