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Granite and Quartz countertops


Both Granite and Quartz make the best material for countertops. Granite was the most trending countertops material during the 1980s and 1990s. Quartz took over as a useful countertop material in the new century. Now after two decades, both are used to make the kitchen countertops. Corefront knows how to deliver top notch kitchen renovations , call us to help!

Before getting into the difference between quartz and granite countertops, let’s look at what granite and quartz exactly are.

Granite is a 100 percent natural and tough stone. It is an igneous rock and is made up of quartz (10 – 50%), micas, feldspar (65 – 90%) and several other trace minerals. It forms during the cooling of molten rock. As it is natural, it needs to be mined from quarries. Once mined, it is cut down to a manageable and required size. Further, it is polished to give a fine final finish. 

Quartz is a mineral but is not 100% natural. Instead, it is manufactured by 90 – 95% quartz and 5 – 10% polymers, resins, and different pigments. The result is an artificial yet durable rock with no cracks and pores. Quartz comes in the form of slabs, and not tiles. 

What is the difference between granite and quartz countertops?

Both granite and quartz make perfect material for kitchen countertops. However, both of them differ in various aspects. Following are the five main differences between granite and quartz countertops:


Granite has multiple colors and stylish patterns as it is formed by cooling molten materials and turning into solid. No two countertops will be the same. Whether you are looking for a subtle or a standout slab, granite makes the best choice. Moreover, it is the perfect material to avoid seams. 

Granite is impressive to look at. Even though it contains various imperfections, that is what makes the granite distinct and standout. 

Quartz has a great appearance. It comes in a lot of colors and patterns. The most common colors are black, copper, white, brown, green, red, gold, grey, blue, and beige. The pattern of quartz depends on the fine grounding of the material when blending and the pigmenting process is ongoing. 

Moreover, quartz has a consistent color and texture. However, it has visible seams and lacks a one-of-a-kind type of look.


Granite countertops are relatively difficult to maintain then quartz countertops. They need to be cleaned with soap and water daily. A mild household cleaner is also useful. As it gets stained quickly with oils and acids, it requires some effort to remove them. To make sure that these countertops last long, there is a need to reseal them once a year. 

Quartz needs comparatively less maintenance. Cleaning and washing are important, but the stains are less visible on dark colored quartz countertops. Also, the seams are less visible on dark colored slabs as well. Unlike granite, it needs no resealing as it has a solid surface.

With proper maintenance, both of these countertops last for 50 years and more. 


Granite is a durable material when it comes to kitchen countertops. It is resistant to heat, chemical, stains, and scratches. However, due to its porous nature, stains can damage it if stains are not removed at a time. Although it is cold to touch, it makes an excellent material when it comes to preparing baked food on it.

An interesting thing about granite is that it does not weather or fade out. If your kitchen has great exposure to the sun, you do not worry about the outlook of your countertop. 

On the other hand, quartz is more durable than granite because it is comparatively harder. Also, because it goes through the manufacturing process, it comes out to be more stable. It would not be wrong to say that quartz is almost indestructible. Moreover, it is not porous, and so, it keeps countertops free of bacteria and germs. 

One thing to worry about is that Quartz cannot suffer excessive heat. It can be damaged if a very hot utensil is placed on it and leaves a burning mark which is very difficult to remove. So, you need to be careful and use heating pads all the time to ensure no damage. 

It can be deduced that quartz is not that much heat resistant. It is most likely to fade out if exposed to the sun a lot. If your countertop area or your kitchen has a big window facing the sun, quartz countertop might not be a good option. 

Environmental friendly

Granite is less environmental-friendly than quartz. As it is a natural rock, it has to go through a long process of refining, finishing, and transportation. It only ends up in your kitchen after it is quarried. If it is imported from any other country, it would surely have come a long way. If you go for granite, opt an indigenous store to get the pieces that can be cut into your desired sizes.

Also, granite contains radon in a small amount. However, it is nothing to worry about as it is tested to be safe for indoor use. 

On the other hand, quartz is environmentally friendly as it is engineered. As it is available almost everywhere, you can get it from local stores easily. Thus, the distance, as well as transportation costs, are cut.


When it comes to price, granite is cheaper than quartz. On average, granite countertops cost $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the quality of material and installation fee. Fabrication and installation cost ranges from company to company so make sure you do proper research before hiring a kitchen fitter.

On the other hand, quartz costs a little more than granite, but it is worth the price. On average, it costs around $2,000 to $5,500 depending upon the quality, installation, fabrication and edge design. As engineered quartz is heavier than other materials, it is must to hire a kitchen fitter. Make sure you look for a professional one. 

So, these are some of the main differences between granite and quartz countertops.  

Is Quartz better than granite?

When it comes to choosing one option, quartz is better than granite. It is trendier than that of granite. If you have a specific theme for your kitchen, you might not find a matching countertop in case of granite. With a wide range of appearance, quartz let you get your thematic countertop. So, in this aspect, quartz wins.

Moreover, as is the case of durability, quartz again wins against granite. It is heavier, harder and stable than granite. Also, it does not need to be resealed every year and thus, is cost-effective. When it comes to heat resistance, it is somewhat resistant to heat and is not non-resistant. For the precautionary measure, you must use heat pads to avoid any burn or damage. 

Another factor is that it is easily available just everywhere. You do not need to import it, and there is no chance of damage during transportation. In this aspect, it saves the cost as well.

When we talk about maintenance, quartz countertops are easier to maintain than granite countertops. Again, quartz countertops win. The regular maintenance is a household need so; countertops surely need to be cleaned and washed. 

To sum it up, quartz countertops are better than granite. Even though it is pricier than granite, it comes with a lot of advantages. 

It does not contain radon and leaves lesser footprints of carbon than granite. They do not have any harmful impact on the indoor air. Most of the quartz is made locally; hence, supporting the economy and reducing transportation expenses. 

Therefore, you will not regret spending a few more dollars as quartz countertops are more durable and environmental-friendly, and come in a wide range of appearances making it easy for you to choose the one according to your kitchen setting.





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