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With the increased focus of interior designers on kitchens, the renovations have also increased in Calgary. Every homeowner is looking to have the most updated and trendy kitchen to make it pleasant, as well as add some monetary and lifestyle value. However, the problem that emerges is always the budget. Staying in budget often seems difficult as you start spending money on things other than basics.

But with the right plan that mixes and matches the basics and luxuries, you can get kitchen renovations in Calgary on a budget.

Questions to ask before planning a kitchen renovation Calgary

To plan your kitchen well, you need to ask yourself a few important questions, such as:

1.      Which cabinet hardware should I choose?

When it comes to cabinet hardware, there are many different things to consider. You can either choose to change the cabinet hardware completely or just make a few changes. Think about:

The material

If going for new hardware, what material do you prefer? It can be wood, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. See what goes well with your overall look.

Opening mechanism

While traditional cabinets just opened vertically, new cabinets can open horizontally as well. It makes your cabinets wider and looks more appealing.

Knob style

A lot of people do not focus on knob styles, but these minor details enhance your kitchen’s look. Whether you are going to change an existing knob or choosing ones for your newly built cabinets, remember style in mind.

2.      Which shape is best for countertop edges?

Countertop edges can be given different shapes. It seems like a very insignificant detail but contributes a lot to how your kitchen countertop looks. The two common shapes are:


Giving curved edges provide ease yet modern appeal.


Pointed ones might look royal but can hurt if not smoothen well.

There are various other shapes for edges you might like to consider. Google it up!  

3.      How should my kitchen fixtures be?

While it is mostly metal, you can always go above board. Just remember that:

The fixture should be practical and beautiful.

Choose a practical fixture, yet look beautiful and elegant. A lot of people are going for aluminum and glass fixtures.

You can go for more than two fixtures.

Yes, a single fixture is not mandatory. You are allowed to mix and match. Stainless steel and brushed glass are currently very trending.

4.      Which style of sink is most current?

Sinks are the most important part of your kitchen. It is something that catches the attention first.  

Undermount sinks

Undermount sinks are quite popular in the modern kitchen nowadays. They keep the countertop clean and so, are easy to wash the dishes in. 

Staying practical is important!

You can always go to other modern styles, but it is important to stay practical. You must not want to make the whole kitchen dirty while cleaning the dishes.

Final Step: Make a plan!

With answers to these questions, you can make a good start for the plan. As you continue, think about another thing, such as flooring, finishes, materials, colors, and kitchen furniture. Look for different ideas and list down the ones that appeal to you. In the end, choose the one that goes best with your budget. This way, your entire kitchen renovation plan comes under your budget.

Tips to save money?

Now here are a few more tips to save money as you implement your kitchen renovation plan.

New paint never costs a lot.

Changing appearance with new paint is always a good idea. It does not cost a lot either. You can go for an all-white look if you want to go all modern and contemporary. Otherwise, it is okay to be as creative as you can and go with your personal style.  

Choose good quality laminate counters.

Laminate counters are considered to be cheap looking but know that there’s a variety of quality available. Also, the laminate counters come in many new styles, including quartz, stone, etc. So now you can go all luxurious even with laminate counters.

Pro Tip?

It’s a lot cheaper than stone, quartz, granite, etc.

Everything does not have to be brand new.

With a renovated kitchen, you must want to get everything brand new. However, it is not mandatory. You can go great by remodeling your old furniture such as kitchen chairs. Remodeling costs lesser.

Go for free-standing kitchen islands.

A free-standing kitchen island costs as much as $500 while it might take more to build a kitchen island, free-standing looks as modern as one newly built.

The design should be practical and timeless yet updated.

The most important thing and the handiest tip to stay in budget is choosing a design that is modern yet practical and timeless. Make sure you do not add something that goes out of style very soon. Also, do not eliminate something basic. This way, your kitchen stays updated yet delivers all the needs.

Add value to your home

With kitchen renovation in Calgary, you can add great value to your home. People of Calgary are very concerned about good property value as well as a good lifestyle. The best way to go both ways is a kitchen renovation.

Monetary value

A kitchen renovation makes your kitchen contemporary as, thus, attracts homebuyers. New material, design, colors, and appearance adds monetary value to your kitchen greatly.

Lifestyle value

An updated kitchen is important for a great lifestyle. As you work and move around in your modern kitchen, it offers very elegant and privileged feels. Your kitchen alone can make your mood 10x better in the morning if it looks clean and amazing.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen renovations in Calgary might cost a lot, but there’s always a plan and some tips that keep it in budget yet add monetary and lifestyle value. Making the right plan, hiring a professional team, and following through the plan properly helps you get a modern, updated kitchen in no time but in the budget.

A few smart moves, in the beginning, will make you proud of yourself later!



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