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Design has always been the backbone to all construction projects. Working with the best designers in Calgary ensures all details of your project go smoothly in construction. You’ll receive the best designer based on your scope, project details and your personality. Your designer knows and works with the Corefront team including the estimator, general manager and project manager. They remain a central piece to see through all details through your project.
Design encompasses interior designers, architectural designers and design techs.


An element that is often overlooked in the design phase with other construction companies. Our estimator is available every step of the way through design to ensure your project is designed to budget so we can construct to budget. This person becomes your gatekeeper ensuring that design remains on track and on budget. Weekly communication between Corefonts estimator and our designers ensures everything is clear and budgets are met. When its time for construction your estimator clearly communicates and is available for questions from your project manager.

Project Management

Onsite management sees that all construction stages, scheduling and execution.
They’re your communication bridge required for both a successful start and finish to your project.
Rest assured we work with the same design and construction individuals who know and understand each other which means your project will run smoothly. Your project manager has strong trade relationships which gives you peace of mind that Corefront’s high standards are met. Every project manager has an in depth construction background and project scheduling training. Your project manager is equipped with the very latest in real time planning and communication tools.


From working with trades people like to suppliers. Corefront maintains a strong relationship providing all of our contacts consistent business. Unlike smaller organizations we receive preferred pricing and service due to volume provided. We attract and retain highly motivated and skilled individuals whose synergies work hand in hand with Corefonts process and customer demands. You receive a vast variety of suppliers to choose from ensuring your project is truly custom.Advanpro

Specialty Services

We offer all specialty services including structural engineering, foundation testing, slope stability reporting,asbestos remediations, development permits, building and development permits. We can offer professional assessments on whether you should renovation, add or build new.



The heart of your home deserves the methodical design to reflect your personality and lifestyle. From the finest in quality materials, your kitchen and bathroom become a work of art and appreciated by those who truly appreciate sophistication and beauty.



Be it your mancave, entertainment haven or simply a functional space you’ll love your new basement. Increase your existing home living space by 30% – 50%. Enjoy this new extension of your home complimenting existing space.


NEW Builds

Knockdown and build the new home of your dreams in the community you’ve come to love. Full services through Corefront allow you to build exactly what you want and where you want it for years of enjoyment to come.

Corefront looks forward to serving you. Being a part of your home renovation or new build is an honour and privilege. Building your dream is our dream!