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Renovations can get a little dangerous. Hence, any homeowner going through a renovation phase should know the importance of upholding utmost safety. It is true that there is a lot for a homeowner to take in during the renovation process, but there is no escaping the importance of safety. This article will be discussing some hazardous aspects which homeowners ought to pay more attention to and how to combat them.

Exposure to toxic substances

The use of different chemicals and substances to work on the house might release some fumes of toxic gases. For example, a material commonly used for building is Asbestos. It is used and valued for its high resistance to fire, strength and low cost. However it is very dangerous if it is inhaled. This building material is made up of microscopic fibres which have the capability of causing lung cancer and mesothelioma. Another example is lead poisoning. These dangerous substances are able to cause both short-term and long term complications, some of which are hearing impairment, cerebral palsy and osteoporosis several years later.

Children in particular are highly susceptible to lead poisoning as it disrupts the generation of blood cells and absorption of calcium, which would hinder their growth and brain development. Extreme exposure can cause vomiting, headaches and even seizures. For these cases, homeowners with children should hire home inspectors so as to remove any product with asbestos or lead. The removal of these substances should be done by licensed and certified professionals as there are legal regulations which require adherence for their removal and disposal.



First and foremost, all electrical procedures or conduct should be done only by a certified and qualified electrician. No one, regardless of age or gender, should be tinkering with such hazardous energy without the proper knowledge, experience or training. This subsumes procedures like installing lights or switches, rearranging wires or renewing frayed wires with new ones. The consequences of going wrong with electricity can be fatal and incredibly devastating.

The danger is a thousand times multiplied if there are children involved. Hence, prior to your renovation, it is highly encouraged for every homeowner to hire a home inspector to conduct an electrical safety scan of your house. Even when work has started, make sure you check safety switches on a regular basis.

Trip hazards

During the renovation period, the workers will be using a lot of tools. Hence, you have to make sure that their work tools are not left lying around on the ground, hindering paths. You should also make sure that the wires are not located in a hazardous way. With a lot of sharp objects in the scene, it is horrendous to even imagine what damage will be done to the person and the house if anyone falls down. The importance of removing any tripping hazards is quadrupled if you are a family with children going through the renovation phase.

Working tools aren’t toys

This is more or less exclusively for families with children. Even if the working tools are not disrupting essential paths in your house, it is understood that children are one of the most curious creatures on Earth. Hence, some of them, out of curiosity, might want to pick a couple up and play with them. It is extremely crucial that as parents, you prevent this from happening.

You can do so by keeping a close eye on them. Whenever they express any form of possible interest, take them far away from their ‘target’. Quickly take away anything they are holding as fast as you can as well – don’t bother negotiating or bargaining because their lives are at stake. Another method is that you can educate them beforehand about the dangers of these tools. However, the latter method usually works for the older children. Therefore, if you have toddlers, perhaps you should stay home more often and take a couple of weeks off work to ensure the safety of your little curious ones.

In an event where any disaster occurs (God forbid), make sure that you make use of your insurance policy. All in all, renovation is tiresome and also very dangerous. Hence, it is paramount that you instil strict adherence to safety practices and make sure everyone in the house does the same. If you haven’t realized, all of the problems mentioned above has a bigger potential for disaster once you put kids into the picture. Therefore, every homeowner should invest effort to maintain safety, and homeowners with kids should invest a little more than the ones who don’t.

Safety is also effectively practised if both the homeowners and renovators collaborate, and collaboration is made much easier with a company on the same page. Well, if you are looking for a renovation service which is trustworthy enough, Corefront puts our customer satisfaction and customer needs above all else. Hence, if you want the best in safety, we will gladly give you that to the uttermost!



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