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Mainstream renovation adverts may imply that spending an exorbitant amount is the only route to great home renovation. Just watch out from them because that is nothing but a fallacy. Whether you want to renovation companies calgary or just a room, there are countless ways to cut the cost below your budget. However, the idea of keeping the budget limited surely gives rise to a common thought: the result would be compromised. But no worries, the cost-cutting measures we picked out for you would retain your home’s beauty. So, let’s get started.

1: Plan First

Before bulldozing your whole house, plan the renovation to split the budget. You would be able to focus on the rooms that need the most attention. Plus, through budgeting, you can devise a strategy to make your overall renovation cost work out for the priorities, as in finding out which fixture of fitting you must tackle and which you can overlook for the time being.  

Undertaking a big project can be pretty tricky to plan, so we will advise you to talk to a professional. The expert advice may prevent mistakes like underestimating the overall cost or prioritizing the wrong fixture or upgrade.

2: Take Things in Your Own Hands

On average, homeowners spend 1- 2% of their home’s original price on remodels and repairs annually. That is huge a figure, a considerable portion of which is spent on the labor. If you have a big project in mind like remodeling all the floors and replacing them with wood, in that case, turning to a professional would be wise.

On the other hand, not all repairs require professional help. If you are planning to upgrade a single room, then you should consider doing it yourself. This way, you can save a good deal of labor and material cost. Plus, you get to brag about the fact that you did it all by yourself.

Even if the project is big, you don’t need to hire contractors. Instead, you can be your own contractor and hire a subcontractor to give you a helping hand.

3: Ignore Overpriced Cabinets

Stop glorifying overpriced kitchen cabinets if you want to save a couple of bucks. Moreover, even paying someone for cabinetry construction can take most of your budget. Therefore, ignoring them would be a good idea when you do have an open-end budget. 

As a replacement, you can go to the kitchen shelves. But if it doesn’t sound convincing, refurbishing the old ones can be used as a replacement. Put up a coat of fresh paint, polish them, repair the broken parts, and Viola! Your brand-new cabinets are ready.

If cabinets are a must-have component on your renovation checklist, then look for cheaper options or discount deals. And remember one thing: cabinets made from synthetic material, particleboard, and MDF will be much more costly than wood and glass products.

4: Recycle Material

There is always something stored in your backyard that you can utilize during renovations. For instance, discarded out cabinet, wood panels, glass, tiles, and many other materials can easily be reused. You can even recycle some parts from used-up appliances and products to upgrade the existing stuff.

In case you don’t have anything to reuse, buying fixtures and salvage material can still save you a good deal of money. Also, ask a friend or a family member for leftover parts or material, you may find something useful for your ongoing projects.

5: Wait for The Sale Season

Instead of spending big, spend smart. That means to understand the market before making your big purchases like sanitary implants, wooden flooring, furniture, etc. These products are usually the expensive part of your home renovation projects; therefore, you must wait for the sale season.

Marketers put up promising sales at a specific time around the year. The summer and spring market goes on clearance sale between June and July, whereas the winter and autumn market put up sales around January. However, the exact time may vary a little between brands; that’s why to keep track of your favorite companies.

Moreover, retailers put up the best sales during big holidays like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Making purchases on these days could save you a fortune.

6: Brace for the unexpected

It shouldn’t be a surprise if extra expenses surface up during your project. It happens, but what matters is how you deal with it. 

Most people would give in and pay dearly to get the unexpected burden off their backs. That’s where they mess up their whole budget. If you don’t want to end up the same, then learn how to roll with the punches. It means to be flexible during the renovation, and always be ready to make compromises. For instance, if an essential fixture comes up, just revise your budget plan and cut a portion of something relatively inessential to deal with it.

7: Reduce Waste

Throwing away everything that seems like waste is pretty easy than digging and separating the potentially useful things. For instance, the cabinet you just removed might have sturdy wood panels that can be utilized later. The same can be said for the furniture that you discarded. The point is to keep what can be kept and only get rid of things that are completely wrecked.

Even before ripping things off their places, examine carefully which parts need to be removed and which do not. By reducing waste, you can save hundreds of bucks, which is more than you might have expected.

8: Explore Amazon Warehouse

What is it? The story starts with a customer purchasing a product from Amazon. If dissatisfied, the customer returns the item back to the company. It is then examined closely and ranked as per the quality. The company uses labels like “Acceptable,” “Good,” “Very Good, and “Newly open box-like” as per the inspected quality.

After that, the item becomes a part of millions of other Amazon Warehouse listings, having half the original price. We can say that this side of the platform is dedicated to used products. Visit the site and see if something clicks with you.

9: Avoid Replacing Everything

Many people assume that renovation means replacing everything with new stuff. This is a false assumption, which costs unnecessarily high bills. To avoid that, keep things that don’t need replacing. Plus, if something is worn out but can be repaired, then go for it. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that the parts of replaced products can also be recycled and used later.

10: Comparison Shopping

Hundreds of online shops sell the same product at different prices. Put some elbow grease and find out the site providing the best value for money. Make a list of the shopping sites and compare their product value, shipping cost, distance from your location, and the accessories given along with the package. After that, choose the one that seems like a sensible option.

11: Visit A Thrift Store

These shops are small setups of charity organizations with the hope of raising money. They offer a wide variety of products at a reasonable price. However, you might have to sweat a lot, as searching in a thrift store isn’t like a regular shopping experience. But one thing is for sure; if you are renovating your home, you are bound to find fabulous things there.

12: Spare the Big Changes

Removing big objects like sinks, bathtubs, walls, cupboards, etc. is usually cost. For instance, if you open up a wall, you might have to redo the electrical system, plumbing, and other in-wall structures. Moreover, for big changes, one usually needs to hire professionals, which obviously costs extra.  You can avoid all this fuss by maintaining the original footprint of your rooms and big objects.

13: Pay the Amount in Cash

When you pay through credit card, you face high-interest charges. In addition to that, you can haggle with the contractors to come down on their offered price only by paying the amount in cash.

14: Sell the Discarded Items

Do you have a stove or refrigerator that you intend to sell? Are they in good condition? In that case, consider selling them. Before that, even if it needs repairing, do it to enhance the return price. You can also put them on online selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay to sell it quickly.

15: Never Rush

No wonder a renovation project is wearisome, but that doesn’t mean you should rush things. Being impatient while making important decisions like choosing the material for the walls or flooring can turn out to be a colossal disaster. Therefore, take your time, plan things, organize your thought, and make smart decisions to prevent additional charges.


With our tips, it is now possible for you to save money on your upcoming home renovation. By planning it first, choosing the cheapest possible options, reusing material that can be reused, and making smart decisions (hiring professionals-wise), you can make the best of your limited budget.



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