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Though custom corner cabinets are some of the most common storage pieces in a modern kitchen, they are also the most dreaded by the users. Why, you may ask. First, to touch or reach their farthest reaches, a person is required to stick his torso into the cabinet. This by all means is no fun! And because the doors are often obstructed by the angle, it gets very difficult to see into the farthest recesses of these cabinets. Grabbing stored items become a daunting task in this case as they can’t be seen. So is corner cabinetry system ideal for the available space in your kitchen space? Read on to find out.

First, there are several brilliant ways to utilize a corner storage space in any kitchen. Visit a kitchen cabinetry showroom either online or offline to check out the available options and that can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinetry design. Make a point of feeling, touching and pulling a custom corner cabinet in display to determine if it will work for you.

Designing a custom corner cabinet for your kitchen

A well thought design is a great way to overcome the problems associated with kitchen corner cabinets. The challenge in creation of these cabinetry system stems from the hard, 90-degree angle that lengthens the space between the back and the front of the corner. An experienced designer is able to minimize the dead space by altering the single 90-degree angle into two 45 degree bends. Not only does this open up more design possibilities, it also offers a better access to the stored items once the cabinet has been installed. The main advantages with these types of custom corner cabinets is the freeing up of floor space and provision of better opportunities for design individuality and creativity. Cumbersome corner doors in this case are adequately eliminated.

Here are a few examples of custom cabinetry for your kitchen corner space.

1.    The lazy Susan

This is one of the most affordable and simplest types of custom corner cabinetry. A number of round trays are attached to a rotating pole, offering fairly easy access to the farthest stored items in the cabinets or simple trays. Though far from being perfect, these types of custom cabinets offers a workable solution to dead space issues. Their main benefits include being inexpensive to make and are universally common, meaning that any experienced carpenter can create them. Note however that they cannot hold heavy items due to their largely inexpensive parts.

2.    The supper Susan

These are some of the greatest cabinet types for corner spaces in a kitchen. They utilize a round tray with a pie-shaped cut-out for the corner. But unlike their cousin, the lazy Susan, these are supported by a fixed shelf and rotate on a ball bearing turntable. Though moderately expensive to make, they are able to hold much heavier objects compared to lazy Susan types of cabinets. They are also widely available from reputable cabinet manufacturer the world over.

3.    Swing-out cabinets

These types of custom kitchen cabinets for corner spaces have been around for a while and are quite popular with many homeowners. The shelves are pole mounted similarly to Lazy Susan. However, the supporting pole is mounted on the vertical interior of the cabinet offering a level of stability that allows them to carry heavy objects. These types of cabinets are really unique in that they perfectly work with a standard door, doing away with the articulated bi-fold doors that some homeowners find objectionable. Some of these cabinet types can be pulled away from the cabinetry system to reach the farthest item stored in them. Not only can you find these types of cabinets in kitchens, they are a common cabinetry type in lots of industrial settings. If you want to utilize every square of available space in your kitchen, they are worth considering.

They are more advantageous to install than other custom made corner cabinets in that:

•    They are able to carry extra heavy loads

•    They make an excellent use of the available space

•    They offer unobstructed and fairly easy access to the stored items

They main disadvantage is that they are relatively expensive to have installed and an experienced expert is required and not just any installer available in the market.

4.    Chevron drawers

Chevron drawers have been around for many years, though they haven’t been popular as they are now. Apart from perfectly utilizing any available corner space, they are a sturdy solution for storing heavy items in a kitchen. They offer more design individuality and creativity opportunities, while providing additional drawer space in a kitchen where it is limited.

The above list of corner space custom kitchen cabinet solutions is not all inclusive as there many other potential options that can be opted for. They are however some of the best a homeowner can opt for to improve the use of a corner space in a kitchen. Go for an option that suits your unique personal tastes and needs perfectly.



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