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Do you sometimes look at your living room and wonder what is wrong? The entire components of interior design might be there-furniture, decor items and color scheme-but the whole room feels weird. If you can relate to this, we know what is missing. It is texture.

For unknown reasons, texture has always been sidelined when it comes to interior design. For many years people have focussed on the many components of design and ignored texture. Texture is the sensation caused by external surfaces of objects. You are no longer confined to visual elements such as color and line because you can determine how the space will feel through the use of texture. This is what texture will do to your living room:


Add visual weight

One of the basic principles of texture is related to visual weight. If you incorporate texture into your living room, it will either feel heavier if lighter. Coarse and rough textures will make your room have a heavier feeling while smoother objects will make it lighter.

If the interior designer who you hire decides to put a polished white marble floor the room will be lighter while on the other hand if hardwood panels are used, the room will feel heavier.

What you should remember is that objects which reflect light tend to have a lighter feeling while those which don’t, have a heavier one. It is important to know this so that you can assist the expert in transforming your living room.

Create contrast

Does your living room have a monochromatic color scheme? Are all the walls painted white? If yes, then you need to incorporate texture to bring a contrast to it.

Texture will add interest to your room where everything has been painted using the same color. Imagine if everything was similar, our eyes would have a hard time focussing. There has to be something that the eye focuses on. The contrast that comes with texture will make important elements of your living room stand out.

Your walls can be accessorized with textured finishes and elegant moldings which will bring out the contrast very well.

Give the room character

Perhaps you have this one character that you want every one visiting you to read by just stepping into your living room. You can use texture to do this.

Moldings can for example contribute to tactile richness of your living room. On the other hand if you want your room to have a touch of history, distressed or weathered finishes will work for you. What the designer will do is to find the room’s focal point and use it as a starting point. By the end of the day the character that you wish to have will come out clearly.

Suggest temperature

Have you ever walked into a living room when it was very hot and immediately felt as if it was cold? It was the room’s texture which had been used to bring out this cool feeling. You can as well have this in your home.

Sometimes texture can be used to suggest temperature. If you want your friends and family to have a cool impression when they visit you, try smooth and shiny textures. Soft and raised textures on the contrary will convey a sense of warmth.

It is advisable to use textures which display a similar temperature so as to bring a sense of harmony in the room.

Give your room a modern look

If you want your living room to be modern then you need to have it with the right texture. For a long time, decorating styles have been conservative when it comes to texture. Before, rooms used to have similar tactile elements used in the entire space but this has changed.

Contemporary designs are bolder in their usage of texture. You can search for the trendy textures and have the professional incorporate them perfectly in your room. You have to change with the changing times.

Go with the season

Are you the kind of person who wants your room to reflect the season the year which we are in? Texture can help you achieve this.

During the winter season you can ask the designer to incorporate pallets of white, blue or brown for your room to have a natural feeling where else in summer you can shift to greens, tans and yellows. You can have a different look for your living room in every season of the year.

Keep in mind that professionals have the all the knowledge when it comes to texture, but you need to assist them in bringing out exactly what you want. Are you are looking for experts who will incorporate the best textures in your living room? Contact us. We have professionals who do interior design in Calgary. We will assess your living room and advise you on what will work best for you. Let us show the difference that texture can bring into your living room.



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