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There are only two universal truths when renovating a kitchen. Firstly, things will never go exactly as you planned and secondly you will always change your mind and wished you’d done things a little differently. Consumer research indicates that the cost of changing your mind mid-way through a project can add over $1,000 or more to the overall bill. If you are considering a remodel, here are the top five mistakes to avoid, how many are you guilty of?

#1. Not Measuring Appliances

This really boils down to poor planning and be avoided if you use a custom renovation firm to oversee the design of your kitchen. People who make this mistake find that their cupboard doors or drawers interfere with the opening of the doors on their washing machine, fridge or dishwasher. Avoiding this mistake is simple. Hire an interior design or renovation professional to take accurate measurements of your kitchen and create a 3D rendering of the finished design.

#2. Enlarging The Central Islands

The central island, or work station, can easily be one of the costliest single parts of your kitchen renovation, especially if you choose an expensive stone countertop. The biggest mistake people live to regret is making this area too big. It needs to be big enough to be usable but not so big that it makes moving around the kitchen cumbersome. In general, keep this island to around 3 feet wide and no more than 10 feet in length for medium-sized kitchens. Again, a 3D rendering will help you get a sense of the right size beforehand.

#3. Skimping On Storage

Don’t’ skimp on cabinet space! Carefully plan how much cabinet space you need, and where to put the cabinetry. Dishes and glasses need 4 to 6 linear feet of cabinet space above or near the sink or dishwasher. Pots and pans need the same amount of space and you want to store them near your cook top. Don’t forget about the garbage. You want to be able to hide a couple of large bins in a pullout drawer near the sink or dishwasher.

#4. Installing Narrow Extractor Hoods

Even on professionally renovated kitchens, many homeowners regret not installing wider extractor hoods over their cook tops. These hoods remove cooking odors and smoke from the kitchen during and after you cook. To be effective, these hoods need to be at least as wide as the cook top, yet many cabinetry firms install a much slimmer (and less effective) hood in line with the cabinets just to maintain an aesthetic line. After all, which cabinets are as deep as a cook top? Over an island, the extractor needs to be 6 inches wider than the cook top. Many homeowners find that appliances with build in extractor fans such as microwaves don’t clear smoke as well as a good hood.

#5. Not Installing Under-Cabinet Lighting

Overhead lights can cast harsh shadows if you prefer to work on a countertop underneath a cupboard area. Under cabinet lighting is invaluable to help you work effectively in the kitchen. Hiring a renovation firm such as those offering home design in Calgary to handle your kitchen-remodeling project can help eliminate the chances of making the mistakes listed here.



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