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You may not know it but the type of floor you choose for your kitchen can go a long way to improve its functionality. That is, it can make that cooking space comfortable and welcoming or that place you only rush to when hungry. With that in mind, always take your time when choosing your kitchen floor type. But before them, always consider the following three things first.

•    Costs – Not all kitchen floor types are the same. Some are expensive to purchase and affordable to maintain. Others are just expensive from purchase all the way to installation. Decide what fits into your budget.

•    Location – some floor types may be ideal for your kitchen but inappropriate for your bathroom. Others are multifunctional and can fit anywhere. Go for the latter to save money.

•    Durability – you certainly don’t want a floor type that will lose its functionality after a short time period.

The 3 aforementioned factors are vital as far as choosing a floor type for your kitchen or any other part of your home is concerned. Each factor is as important as the other. Do not at any point overlook or underestimate any. That aside, here is a list of the most ideal floor types for your kitchen.



One of the best things about laminate is the fact that it is easy to maintain. Laminate is also affordable. Laminate prices start from $0.50 to $3 per square foot. The installation fee is usually a different package, so take that into account. Note that laminate may be easy to maintain. It however does not last for long where one fails to take good care of it. Food and drink spills left on laminate flooring can easily take a toll on what holds laminate together. Water too, does not augur well with laminate -a factor that explains why laminate flooring is not a good option for bathrooms. You may therefore have to redo your laminate floor within a short time after installing it for the first time.


Carpets are extremely popular since time immemorial. Their costs vary depending on side, material, design and other factors. The standard carpet ranges from $2 to $5 per square foot. Carpets bring some warm and comfort to living spaces without struggling. The only downside that comes along with carpets is the fact that they stain easily. Some are in fact, hard to clean. Maintenance can be a huge problem especially if you have children and pets around.


This is the cheapest choice in comparison to other flooring types. Its cost ranges from $1 to $5 for every square foot. Vinyl has no echo. It absorbs noise unlike some options that reflect it. It’s also very easy on the feet. The problem with vinyl is the fact that it tears easily. It also gets indented very fast. The other problem with vinyl is that it’s a little hard to clean. The best place to install vinyl is in the laundry room. It can shield the noise from the washing machine. It would also suit bathrooms and the kitchen as it brings warmth.


It is a very good insulator. Like vinyl, it absorbs noise. The cost per square foot is $2 to $8. Cork is natural, so it goes without saying that it is an eco friendly option. It can also be considered as healthy, given the fact that it is mold and mildew resistant. Unfortunately, its downsides outweigh the merits. It can buckle after absorbing water. It can also lose shape under intense pressure.


The cost of hardwood floors usually ranges from $3 to $12 per each square foot.  Hardwood floors include engineered woods and other variables that include different shades of bamboo blended with other options. Hardwood floors are expensive to install. Their prices do come with a reason; hardwood floors are very durable.


Nearly all modern homes today feature tile floors. It is easy to understand why. Tiles have for a long time been considered convenient. Then there is the fact that there are so many tile options out there. You only need to choose a tile pattern or design that can complement your interior décor. Keep in mind that tile floors are durable and easy to maintain. Tiles are also water resistant.  This factor however depends on the type of material used to make your tile floor. The most common materials in this case, include porcelain, granite, travertine and marble. All these materials may or may not absorb moisture. It all boils down to how well polished your desired option is.

The most common downside with tile floors is the fact that they are noisy. That is, they cannot absorb noise. You may also have to replace your floor tiles with new ones should they crack or get old. It is therefore safe to conclude that tile floors are relatively easy to maintain.



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