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Home security is a concern for every homeowner and while a good security system can be very expensive, there are ways to improve the security level of your home cheaply and preventing burglars from getting into the house. Most of these methods are based on making it very difficult for anyone to enter your house without permission. More often than not, burglars use back doors, garage doors, bedroom windows, and kitchen windows. Make it very difficult for them to enter through these points and you will significantly increase the security level of your home. Below are a few more ways you can use home improvements in Calgary to improve the security of your home without spending too much money.

1.    Door locks

For your hinged external doors, you should fix a two-cylinder deadlock operated by a key to prevent the burglar from using a credit card or such shaped objects to open your doors. These have a knob-inlock set with a dead-latch mechanism. You should also check the status of your external doors. If they are not strong enough to withstand a hard kick or hit, you should probably replace them.

2.    Sliding doors


Another favorite route for burglars is the sliding doors for example those that lead to the patio or deck. Find locks operated by keys and fit them on the external sliding doors. You can secure them even further by adding a metal or wooden dowel in their tracks. This will inhibit movement and make it difficult for someone to use the sliding doors as a point of entry.

3.    Windows

Sometimes, there are little things we do in the house that tend to invite burglars to our homes. An open window visible from across the street is an open invitation to burglars. The windows on the ground floor are the worst since they are easiest to access. You should have a security grill fitted in for the ground floor windows and a single-cylinder lock for all the windows and openings. You can also install a burglar bar or security grill on all accessible windows and even those that are not so accessible. There is no telling what length a burglar will go to, to get into your house.

4.    Install light timers.

Some burglars do not just rob a random house. They will take time to observe your house for a few days before making their move. To avoid giving them a break in your pattern when you want to go away for a few days or stay late at work, you can install light timers. These will automatically switch on the lights when it gets dark. You should set them to switch the lights on around the time you switch them on when you are home. That way, according to the burglar watching from outside, you are in the house and going about your business as usual. Light timers are inexpensive and can be found at most stores.

5.    Exterior lighting

Sometimes the only encouragement a burglar needs is to know he or she will not be seen by someone on the outside or another house when approaching your house. You should have lights on the exterior of the house both at the front and at the back. They can be controlled by a light timer but  motion sensor controlled lights are the best. They save energy and are action-activated therefore giving the illusion of someone responding to a movement outside the house. Even for burglars who may not be fooled by them, they will still wonder what other security feature you have in your home and this can help deter most of them from marking your house as a target.

6.    Alarm systems

Alarm systems can considerably reduce the chances of your houses being broken into by burglars and increase the chances of them getting caught if they do break in. There is a range of alarm systems you can have installed but you have to make sure whichever you settle for is well suited for your needs and particular situation. For example, you cannot install an alarm system that relies on the neighbors’ response if they are unwilling or unable to respond. Some systems are linked to police stations or security company stations. When the alarm goes off, a team is dispatched to your house immediately to check what set it off.

The system can be linked to all the openings in your house such that when someone opens a window or door when you are away and the alarm is armed, it goes off or alerts the relevant response team. You can talk to your local security company about the alarm security system to install in your home. Makes sure they have a good reputation and are working with a number of your neighbors too. Make sure that your alarm system is well maintained as it might be the only thing that keeps your house from getting broken into.



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