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Deciding to renovate a kitchen is a great step, since the kitchen is becoming the centre of many modern homes. Get as many ideas as you can that can work for your home’s lifestyle and culture. You could come up with a scrapbook and collect images as you do your research, and you will be amazed by the great ideas that can come up. It will be much better for you to have your own general idea before engaging a professional, since renovations come out greater when ideas are combined.

Different people have different reasons for renovation, but the steps of renovation are the same. Unplanned renovations may cost you a lot of money on damages and mistakes; hence it is advisable to draw up a sound plan of the required steps, preferably with the help of an expert. The following steps will guide you in renovating your kitchen:

Consider your needs

Think about what you use your kitchen for, and the designs and patterns that best suit your lifestyle. Research both online sites and in books, journals and magazines on the best ideas that fit the layout of your home. Take into account how many family members use the kitchen and how many appliances you need. Collect pictures of model kitchens and compare them to decide the one that appeals to your preferences.

Plan accordingly

Draw up a concise plan of the work that will take place. Account for all changes and purchases of items and components. Find out your initial budget by asking about the current prices of the items you will need. Only include the things that you can afford, and note where you can obtain them at the cheapest prices. find out demolition costs and factor in if you have an old house some asbestos testing possible asbestos removal .

Engage professionals

Enlist the services of a professional designer with experience in renovation. Unless the job is electrical, plumbing or appliance repair, you will need a professional. Obtain references from friends or relatives on the professionals near you home area and consult with them on your plans. They are useful in planning, budgeting, purchasing supplies and acting as temporary project managers.

Schematic design

This is sketching the desired design, initial floor plans, space planning and cabinet sizing. Space planning is important to the whole process as it encompasses all other steps. Determine the final positioning of all materials, how much space is needed and the resultant costs. Avail this plan to the designer to estimate the scope of the work and the cost of the whole project.

Fixtures and finishes

Choose the type of kitchen you want – modern, cottage, classical or traditional? Do you want your kitchen white, all wooden or multi-colored? The final fixtures include flooring, stoves, fridges, kitchen sink, lighting and decorative hardware. So think about all the options you have at your disposal.

Obtain financial estimates

Get estimates from three different contractors and consult with them based on your schematic designs and budget estimate to obtain the best offers. Pick the one who offers the best quality service for the most reasonable amount.

Get ready for the renovation

Before you get the permits, clean and clear up your kitchen including cabinets, cupboard and drawers. Put away any item you do not need. You may need to set up a temporary kitchen to facilitate the process of impending kitchen renovation work.



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