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So you have made the decision to renovate your bathroom? Well, good for you! But now, how and where do you get started? Starting a bathroom renovation is nerve racking, scary and exciting at the same time. But at the end of it all, it well worth it. And a well thought out and flexible plan keep things moving in the right direction, ensuring that you are always a step ahead of the game. Here are some bathroom remodeling tricks and tips to help you get started.

Consider your time frame

It is recommended that you consider the time frame when planning a bathroom remodel and for a good reason. Do you have an extra bathroom that you will be using when the remodeling process is being carried on? If for example your wife is expecting, then the date the baby will be coming can be taken as the ultimate deadline. In simple terms, it is important to fully and clearly think out so as to decide on what parts of the remodeling project can be realistically achieved before carrying the renovation. This will also help you decide on what sections of the project you should do it yourself or hire out.

Find inspiration


Visit some bathroom remodeling stores or websites to find inspiration. These will help you collect ideas you love. You will then be able to answer bathroom remodeling questions such as:

•    Do I want a drop-in tub?

•    What grout color is the most appropriate?

•    Should I opt for different grout colors for the floor and walls?

•    Do I love subway tile?

•    What vanity lights should I go for?

•    Are extra countertops required?

•    Should I opt for glass enclosure for the shower?

There are tons of bathroom remodeling pictures you can stare at in these stores and websites. These all will help you to quickly decide on the most fitting design for your bathroom.

Make a list of what you done in your bathroom renovation project

What do you want done in your remodeling project? Maybe you want new fixtures, cabinets, lightings, a standalone shower or another sink added. In some bathroom remodeling projects, the only thing that can be saved is the toilet. Everything else is demolished. Walls for example are moved some inches back or forward to make room for a standalone shower. The list of things to do comes in handy for budget purposes.

Identify how to find help

There is a need to know how to find and hire the right remodeling professionals. These include the plumbers, lighting experts and the likes. Some people are comfortable tiling themselves while most of the others would rather have things done professionally by the experts. The internet is full of places to find local contractors to help you with your remodel. Better still, the best if these sites offer customer comments on different contractors helping you to decide on whom to hire amongst them. If isn’t applicable in your case, then ask your friends and family members to refer you to a good renovation contractor in your neighborhood.

Make a budget

A bathroom remodeling project can’t be successful unless you have set a workable budget for it. But when making this budget, do realize that things come up during the remodeling process, meaning that you need to give yourself some wiggle room.

Make a point to remember the little things

Where do you want the lights or outlets? How high do you want the lights? Do you want one two-light wall sconce or three-light sconces? What about the mirrors? Which type of cabinet hardware should you opt for? What about the towel bars hang? Do you want to have a bathtub shelf? Do you want a bathtub or a shower system installed? These might seem obvious, but you will be surprised by the number of homeowners who don’t have a clue as to what they want. It is advisable to tell the plumber and electrician ahead of time exactly where you things to go.

Customizing things for the bathroom

Most people purchase things at their local stores. However, there comes a time when a person want to special order a bathroom fixture, for example, customized tubs, sinks or shower faucets. These need to be ordered well in advance as they can hold up a remodeling project while on transit. It should be noted that glass shower enclosures and counters take time to order and install. Special orders are no big deal as long as they are taken care of well in advance. Best of all most local stores ship them directly to the client free of charge.

Picking out fixtures and tiles

The best way to get what you want when it comes choosing the right tiles and fixtures is to go to a local store and check out the materials in person. While there, take more pictures of what you like in the store. The prices need to be included in the pictures for easy reference later on.



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