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In a perfect world, everyone would want a bathroom like how we see in the movies. With a perfect set of white tiles, elegant bath tubs to simply tip toe in, automatic taps with lots of fresh towels. In reality however, it is often as though we are in a disaster hotel situation with our own bathrooms. A remodelling might do the work but before that there are some things you need to consider before you let go of your old bathroom so fast.

It is important to renovate your bathroom once a few years to keep up the hygiene and outlook, as it is definitely one place everyone uses every day. But at the same time it should not be unnecessarily hacked down for any reason at any time. Consider these following tips and run through them as a checklist before you reconstruct your bathroom! This may help you save plenty of resources in the long run too.

Use online resources to decide what you want out of the reconstruction

There is just an incredible load of information online and these aren’t just for inspiration. These images can be brought to life, if not all, at least parts of it. But it is important to use these styles with adequate knowledge about them in the first place. Maybe instead of hurrying into it, it might be worthwhile to live with it first by adapting and accepting to your ideas of inspiration. You may find multiple things you like but not all might work out for you on the long run, having to see and use them every day. It might be a good idea to pin these images up around your work space at home so that overtime you realise what really draws you closer the most.

Make sure you see the bathroom renovation materials in person

Sometimes it might be worthwhile to go down to a showroom yourself to check out different products and have a touch and feel of things. You don’t have to make a decision on the moment itself and it is okay to leave without buying! Just gather ideas this way and use a notebook to jot it down or take pictures if they are allowed. You will be living with these items and ideas for years to come and as mentioned before, the bathroom is not the least visited place in the house as well.

Basically, you have to get a feel of what you want for yourself. If having a bath tub seems like a fancy idea you would want to try, get yourself to a showroom to step in and sit in a bath tub to find out if you are really comfortable to do that. Some people are and some people are not and that is something very normal. You cannot afford to be spending every morning and evening in a hard uncomfortable bath tub hurting your back and bottoms every day for the next five to ten years! With things online, they may look exaggerated and bigger than they are as well so many sure you go down to check out the actual sizing and appearance.

Consider the idea of having an en suite

Have you ever dreamt of having a bathroom attached to your bedroom? This is maybe one dream you must bring to life. It is not a passing trend that will go away and it is really something that will pump up the worth of your house. Recent day home designing tactics include increasing master bedroom space to give more privacy and family time for people and it proves to be really essential for couples with children especially, to get that extra space in the mornings or at night, being alone or being with their partners. Having an en suite bathroom in this case really helps to fulfil that purpose.

It is easier as well to come up with an idea to build one in, as it just has to match the outlook, colors, style and prints of your current bedroom. Make sure you do not go out of hand designing your en suite bathroom into something very fancy and different from your bedroom concept, as there is a reason to keep it similar to the theme of your bedroom. It is because it creates a sense of familiarity and helps you ease at odd hours in the morning or night when you are appreciating some private space.

Make sure you pay attention to the color details

There are many shades of each color, even for white and black! It is worthwhile to ask your renovation contractor to help you work around shades, especially to see how different types of lighting affect different shades to give different looks. The whole outlook of any bathroom can be modified so easily with just a mere change of a shade!



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