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Be it that you are renovating the whole of your kitchen or just a part of it; it can really be a very rewarding experience. However, there are some very easy things that we often see through when we start on the idea of renovating our kitchen. These simple factors can be worked on, before engaging on a plan for your renovation.

They can help you cut overall cost as these simple factors can give you a new kitchen’s look when you work on them. They will be cheaper to modify on your own compared to revamping them via a renovation. It will also be an accomplishment if you can do it all by yourself! It will be a refreshing change for you as well.

Modifying your kitchen with your own design ideas also gives you ownership over the renovation process so you have the say on what is to be done. So let us now run through the factors that you need to consider before you set your plans on renovation!

First, make sure you have a solid plan for your renovation

Often, renovating your kitchen is more than just for the glamour. We also have to consider what physical benefit it gives to the owner. Benefits like better space utilisation, customising to specific and different needs of people and adding more function to kitchens by combining the kitchen space with the other areas of your home, are all different aspects we have to consider when thinking of renovating a kitchen.

These are just simple and general pointers to aid your renovation plan for your kitchen. More often than not, the main purpose of why the kitchen is needed to be renovated is forgotten. So it is important to turn to conventional methods to pen the exact reasons why you would need your kitchen to be renovated. This also helps in coming up with the actual floor plan you expect post renovation.

Planning in advance and brainstorming why you would need a renovation allows you to think ahead and look forward to placing certain aspects or changing certain aspects of your kitchen for your brand new floor plan. It is thus important to fix checkpoints to look forward to, not just for yourself, but also for the people and managements you are working with to renovate your kitchen to make it a more conducive space.

Think about ideas on design and furniture placement before commencing renovations

Before actually starting on the renovation, make sure you start collecting ideas, samples and information. Get samples of colors and patterns, textures and designs you would want to incorporate into your kitchen. Create a mood board which allows you to visualise the various segments coming alive together once your renovation works are complete. Keeping this mood board (and your mood) in a good place where you will see it every day and get reminded of your kitchen renovation plans, would allow you to constantly make changes with constructive feedback to yourself or your family.

This way, you can also see if you really do like the colours, designs or textures you have chosen for your kitchen earlier on. Seeing these things every day and constantly thinking about these choices would tell you if you are soon getting sick of them or if you really enjoy their presence.

Get your small details right

In places like the kitchen or bathroom, renovation often leads to forgetting of smaller elements of these spaces. These small details are often let to the renovators or their companies to decide. Remember this is your kitchen and not the renovators’ or anyone else’s. Make sure you remember these details and let the necessary people know how exactly you want to be changed or kept the same. Make sure you don’t make any impulsive decisions at the moment! Some details really come in cooking friendly like draining aids, soft-close hinges, curved edges of cooking platforms and etc.

Design with your appliances in mind

Many people often have this question: Did the egg come before the chicken or did the chicken come before the egg? Similarly, it is futile to argue if it would be a better idea to build appliances around people or people and properly around appliances. So, let’s make sure the most important thing is that your design will not make your appliances look out of place.

First, make sure you read up about the specifications about the appliances that you are using. Appliances like the fridge nowadays come with many added features; the newer fridges have built in water purifier, ice maker and even coffee maker! If you have such a fridge, you can use bolder colors nearer to the fridge to highlight its uniqueness. On the other hand, you should convey to your renovation contractor about your appliance and furniture placement so that they can advise you further on how to design with these items in mind.



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