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When it comes to painting your house, the sheen to be used on each room has to be chosen carefully. This is because the chosen sheen of the paint you apply will be able to make a big impact on the appearance of the particular room. Also, there are sheens that could be used on high traffic areas and ones that are more suitable for other areas such as ceilings. Therefore, before you start choosing the sheens of paints for different areas of your home, it is a good idea to have some understanding about paints and their sheens.

Of course, the possibility is there for you to buy paints with different sheens. Some of them have sheens while there are others do not even have sheens. The ones without sheens are called paints with matte finish. The difference between the matte finished paints and the ones with sheen is the fact that the later reflect light in one direction while the paints with matte finish scatter the light reflecting it on all directions. Due to this reason, you will not notice a shine or sheen with matte finished paints.

Since there are so many types of paints with hundreds of different sheens, you have the option to choose the paint with the sheen you like. In case you need sheen of a unique shade that is not available in the market, you easily mix the two paints and get your desired shade.

Paints with matte finish

When you look at the application of different types of paints, you will notice that paints with matte finish are used on ceilings as well as on walls of new constructions. The reason is that they are able to mask flaws on the walls and ceilings. In case paints with sheens are used on such places the flaws will be visible easily.

Paints with egg shell finish

When compared with the matte finished paints, these types of paints, when applied, do not give a dull look. Instead, they offer a little sheen and look like egg shells on sheen. When applied paints that have egg shell finish on surfaces, they offer velvet like finish. There are also paints that carry satin finish. Paints of this type have a bit better sheen than the ones with egg shell finish. Such paints are able to resist against dirt and mildew when applied on a surface. This means, paints with such sheen are suitable for high traffic areas where the surfaces tend to get dirty quicker than other areas. Also, these paints are more resistant to cleaning and scrubbing making them ideal choices for high traffic areas of a home.

When you consider the properties of paints with matte finish, you must know that they are able to provide elegant finish to any surface. Such surfaces attract dirt and they are not easy to clean. Since these paints could get scratched easily, it is good to have some paint in reserve to be used in such an instance. When it comes to paints with egg shell finish, they are a bit more resistant to dirt and scratches. Also, they are easier to clean. Paints with satin finish are good for kitchens and bathrooms as they are able to withstand moisture.

Paints with glossy sheens and ones that offer semi-gloss effect

Unlike the matte finished paints and other paints with lower gloss, glossy paints when applied make surfaces shiny depending on whether it is a glossy paint or one that has a semi-gloss. When a surface is painted with one of these paints it becomes shiny and attractive but one problem you will face is that they will show the slightest flaws in the surfaces. Therefore, you need to apply paints of this type only on perfectly finished surfaces.

It is good to remember that in case you want to add brightness to a room, you need to paint it with a glossy paint. Surfaces painted with glossy or semi gloss paints could be cleaned easily through scrubbing. For kitchens and bathrooms, the best paints to be chosen are the semi-gloss ones. The look and feel provided by surfaces painted with glossy paints is similar to those of enamel or plastic.

With these guidelines below, you can choose your paints for different areas of the home without difficulty.

•    For your living room, bedrooms, family room, hallways and the dining room: You need to use paints with matte finish or ones with egg shell finish.

•    For guest rooms and children’s rooms: They need to be painted with paint that carries a satin finishing.

•    For doors, kitchen and bathrooms: They should be painted with paint that comes with glossy/semi-gloss sheens.

These are not hard and fast rules though. Therefore, you always have room to make changes according to your preferences!



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