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Designing and decorating a home looks very easy on the surface. However, once you make an attempt at it, you will realize it takes a keen eye and a certain level of expertise to meet expectations. The range of styles, designs and techniques is widening each day, and only an experienced person would determine what is best for your house. For example, how do you choose furniture, paint colors, décor and artwork for your living room?

When faced with this problem, you realize that whether you want to redo your home or move in to a new house, the idea of hiring an interior designer is worth exploring. Interior designs are professionals that work with clients to create safe, attractive and creative solutions. So why exactly do you need to invest your money in the services of one? Find out below:

Decorate your home

The primary task of an interior designer is to decorate and redesign your home to create and make use of space. They add furniture and artwork and rearrange your household items to create more space. They discuss your tastes and preferences, budget limit, time available and plan accordingly. They remodel all parts of your house in a blueprint for your approval, and advise you on the best color schemes for your house.

Save money

However strange it may sound that hiring an interior designer may save you money; ultimately it helps you avoid costly mistakes that would dent your finances. Interior design increases your home value by giving it a new and modern look. When you auction your home after an interior design process, it boosts buyer appeal and sells off faster.

Professional assessment

The experience of an interior designer can offer insights on what is best for your home. As a homeowner, you are bound to overlook some things, but the designer will notice them. Designers also know the most modern designs in the market that you may not know.

Liaison purposes

Designers are important in creating strong links between you and your contractor, which wards off any design mistakes. In addition, designers possess crucial information in the industry including contacts such as plumbers, electricians, painters and contractors. This saves you time and money. With a designer, you will have access to resources, connections and general merchandise that is not available to the public.


The work of designers is to think outside the box and see what the ordinary eye cannot see. They think differently and view your project professionally to give your home the best look and create value for your money.

Quick returns

It cannot be emphasized that a great-looking home has aesthetic value and sees increased showings. A higher appeal means that your home will sit on the market for a very short time before it is bought. Thus, you get higher returns on your investment and a higher profit margin.

Increase appeal

A decorated house feels new and gives you a satisfying feeling. The added details tell a visual story and give a break from the monotony of a dull house.

If you need an interior designer to help you with home improvement, do talk to us as we offer economical rates but deliver work that will exceed your expectations.



The heart of your home deserves the methodical design to reflect your personality and lifestyle. From the finest in quality materials, your kitchen and bathroom become a work of art and appreciated by those who truly appreciate sophistication and beauty.



Be it your mancave, entertainment haven or simply a functional space you’ll love your new basement. Increase your existing home living space by 30% – 50%. Enjoy this new extension of your home complimenting existing space.


NEW Builds

Knockdown and build the new home of your dreams in the community you’ve come to love. Full services through Corefront allow you to build exactly what you want and where you want it for years of enjoyment to come.

Corefront looks forward to serving you. Being a part of your home renovation or new build is an honour and privilege. Building your dream is our dream!